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Cosmic Seasons

Fragmentarium.. MandelbrotDE.
The 2D systems in fragmentarium are really fun, easy and superfast to experiment in...although I find the simple colouring algorithms a bit tricky to get great results from... any advice on how to add different colouring approaches greatly appreciated!

Center = -0.832844,0.20544
Zoom = -13939.5
Gamma = 0.77145
ToneMapping = 3
Exposure = 3.0465
Brightness = 0.9372
Contrast = 1.4046
Saturation = 3.3913
AARange = 5.54885
AAExp = 13.1519
GaussianAA = true
Iterations = 5000
R = 0.35344
G = 0.24788
B = 0.22128
Julia = false
JuliaX = 0.99324
JuliaY = 1.73384
ShowMap = false
MapZoom = 1.08257
Skip = 93
Multiplier = 0.6102
StripeDensity = 4.165
Test = 1
EscapeRadius2 = 100000
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Outstanding!!!  Gorgeous work!!!Clap Clap Clap 
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: ) Frag did it all 
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Very eye catching well done it is beautiful!
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thanks Angela :) 
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Very impressive. I'm intrigued. What program do you create these from? :) (Smile) 
timemit's avatar's a free program called fragmentarium.. this particular one is from the 2D mandelbrot examples .. you can find info and links to the download here… but you do need a reasonable graphics card to run it :)
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Cool, i'll check that out. Did it take a long time to create?
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No it's a superfast renderer..once  you have an image you like it usually takes less than a minute to render.. :)
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You have been Featured here for Outstanding Fractals for August!
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thanks so much :hug:
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Good detail and..


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:thumbsup: glad you like it :)
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It's amazing to me when people understand how to articulate the galaxy 
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:D thankQ :D  nice comment ..appreciated
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thanks for sharing
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Wow! How beautiful! :iconstarhugplz:
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Thanks Renee ..really appreciate it :hug:
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You're very welcome! :hug:
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