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Bryce Kaleidoscope Tutorial

OK this is my first Tut, I hope it is understandable ..
Any questions just ask..
The ideas and methods outlined in this tut are drawn together from far more experienced Brycians than I .. Hopefully it will teach you new ways to explore Bryce abstract/3D modelling and apply those ideas to your own work..
In particular a huge thanks to :icondeviantvicky: for her help with the Tut and her continual support, encouragement and sharing of knowledge... :hug:
Same goes for :icontexmanson: for his excellent knowledge of the way to abstract bryce :highfive:
And Cheers to :iconxeno66: for his support, encouragement and excellent light gel tips.. :onfire:
To all those who are always giving me sooo much support and encouragement.. thanks guys(that means gals as well ;) ) :thanks:
have fun ... do something new :floating:
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Wow! Wonderful! Thanks a lot!:happybounce: 
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hope you have fun  :)
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:wave: Thanks a lot for this tut. :hug:
It took me some time, but now I finally gave it a try myself. Here is what I found: [link]
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Hey Heike my pleasure, glad you managed to find your way through it and find something nice :D
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Well - I needed several attempts to figure out, how this finally should work (let's blame my female mind for this :laughing:).
:blushes: And there's still one point I don't get: why do we need two negative lightsources outside and under the cylinder?
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no no blame my complicated methodology and clumsy first tutorial.. we don't need 2 neg lightsources but using more lights with small values (either positive or negative) with varying/contrasting colour values can add a whole lot more subtlety to your colouration in the piece, you can also use them to remove or tone down overly bright spots .. I did put things in that aren't specifically needed to make the basis of the tut but will help to explore this setup in different ways... (I created a variety of pieces using it many of which don't resemble the basic setup) It was more about construction methodology and seeing how simple shapes can give rise to complex forms :)
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:phew: No black holes then ... Thanks! :hug:

By the way - there are still some slots open in my actual journal, where I'm featuring a (tiny) choice of art from the folks dropping by there. [link] :nod:
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And a well done tutorial.
I might give it a try.
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many thanks..or you can just apply some of the ideas :)
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amazing that you can use Bryce for fractal thanks so much for this tut
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my pleasure...yeah Its what I like doing in bryce, the render engine gives such nice results..glad you like it :)
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Great tut, i used it here: [link]
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Thanks.. you did it justice indeed :D
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This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it!
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my pleasure..hope you find it useful :highfive:
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so simple once shown how can't wait to try out some different looks with this =)
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:D thanks :D hope it helps
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Thanks for the tutorial.
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my pleasure..hope it's of use to you :)
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Very interesting. :)
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WoW! well done Tim :thumbsup:
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Thanks Tex, be real pleased if you could add a bit of Tex magic to it :)
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