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Spike the siamese Dragon

Instead of asking Rarity to make him a costume, he decided to try and impress here by making his own.

This vector was requested by: :iconsonictalicorn:

The other costumed ponies:
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    -Spike's Costume-
    -Filly in Griffin Costume
    -Derpy Hooves Costume
    -Filly in a Changeling Costume

My little pony is property of Hasbro.

If you would like to use this vector in your own artwork, feel free to do so, but please credit me with the creation of this vector. Also send me a link, to what you made, im curious to see what you made with it.
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A dragon with two heads and three legs.
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Was this shown in the beginning or middle of "Scare Master", 'cause I noticed that the left side of his costume lacks an arm?
KnightofNerdom's avatar
Maybe he's using it to hold the other head up.
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It was based on a screen shot from the middle of scare master. It would appear i forgot something when creating this. Sadly i lack the time to fix it at the moment. But i will eventually. Thanks for catching it!
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No doubt about it, that's one weird dragon.
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Glad you like it!
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