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My Cards

Here are my cards.... I don't like them anymore but... well they weren't very expensive so..

I aimed for the web look I have now as you can see...

Hope you enjoy it
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i appreciate this!! good job!
darkslide7's avatar
simple and cute :D
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very great job on that! very simple and modern.
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:D thank you so much!
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can i have one of that card?! i like it very much!
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IF I ever go to Italy or you to Portugal I will give you one! lol
skip870's avatar
jajajajaja LOL :D
aanoi's avatar
=o! I absolutely love these! How did you get them done? =D
timelikeit's avatar
:D thanks aanoi :D and for the watch too! I went to a professional printer to print it
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hey i was wondering what font the hello part is done with
its ok if its a secret :)
timelikeit's avatar
no problem the font is BLITZ i think! thanks for :+fav: :D
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Very nice man. They are eye catching, which is what a card needs to be. How much were they, where did you get them, and also, did you put the rounded corners on, or did they come that way?
timelikeit's avatar
Thanks :D they were 50euros and the rounded corners didn't cost anything since they have the slice already made.. didn't need to make one for me
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Nice design, and smart content! :)
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Again I like the start but it seems like you didn't push it far enough.

The "Hello" speech bubble is nice and had a definite style to it but done to death. Plus, the type on the back doesn't play into that. You used plain Futura. If you are going to have such a fun style you need it to touch every part.

Make the card a little more playful.
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Thanks for commenting.. the font is not futura...its helvectica
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I'm willing to bet that the font you're contact info is set in is not Helvetica. In fact I know it's not.

I'm calling Futura Bold or Heavy...100%
Check your file.
timelikeit's avatar
Sorry confused the files.. thinking of something else! Yes it's futura I don't need to check.. the "F" speaks for it self
haaru's avatar
I absolutely love them. :heart:
timelikeit's avatar
thanks :D and for :+fav: too :D
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