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my Christmas gift to my friends by TimeKratt my Christmas gift to my friends :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 10 12 reference by TimeKratt reference :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 2 0 reference by TimeKratt reference :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 2 0 my Halloween form by TimeKratt my Halloween form :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 0 0 Tyleah WIP by TimeKratt Tyleah WIP :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 1 0 new ID photo thing by TimeKratt new ID photo thing :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 3 0 Thing for Daizua by TimeKratt Thing for Daizua :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 1 3
New RWBY OCs coming soon
:icontimekratt:TimeKratt 0 0
Surckh pt. 1 by TimeKratt Surckh pt. 1 :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 3 2
Terra in Star Wars Ch. 0.6
(hey guys, sorry I was late on this newest part of Terra in Star Wars. I was busy with chores.)
In the early beginnings of Terrankind’s civilization, each Terran was ruled into clans by a dominant warlord and a second-in-command high priestess, who is also his wife. As time passed, Terrans spreaded out over the landscapes that can sustain their populations; all except for one continue on the southern pole of their planet. As this happened, warlords were replaced by emperors and kings, then presidents and dictators. When an explosive and flammable substance called gunpowder was invented, peace between Terran subspecies was more common. But then one day, in the year 240 BBY, 6 individual Terran politicians, each in one inhabited continent, used their charisma, bravery, mercy, kindness, generosity, love, hope, patience, peace, and harmony united Terrans together into its first interstellar empire called United Nations of Terra. They soon began building spacecrafts, getting the resou
:icontimekratt:TimeKratt 0 0
Terra in Star Wars Ch. 0.3
(Hey guys. From May 29th to June 4th, I will be making a story that's similar to a scenario where Earth is in Star Wars, called “Terra in Star Wars”. The earth versions of humans here are different in very radically specific details which you will see down below in this chapter of the story. If you guys have any opinions about this story, let me known the comments section below and I'll see you guys tomorrow. Enjoy.)
In the far reaches of the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, the Terrans of the planet Terra in the Sol system live. Terrans are a human like race but with some differences. Terrans are a foot taller, stronger, and faster than humans. Terrans have a wider eye and hair color range than humans, meaning that a Terran can be born with green hair or can be born with pink eyes naturally. Terrans are also capable of a poisonous bite from venom glands in their fangs that can create powerful toxins that can kill even a Trandoshan. This venomous bite is heavily backed up by
:icontimekratt:TimeKratt 0 0
Atarah Levitt's successful creations by TimeKratt Atarah Levitt's successful creations :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 1 8 Atarah of Ouroboros by TimeKratt Atarah of Ouroboros :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 2 0 Mykaela in her symbiotic nanobot suit by TimeKratt Mykaela in her symbiotic nanobot suit :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 1 14 Mykaela by TimeKratt Mykaela :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 2 5 Aurelian Harmonians (colored) by TimeKratt Aurelian Harmonians (colored) :icontimekratt:TimeKratt 1 0


RWBY OC : Sayuri Fujibayashi by necromorph-silence RWBY OC : Sayuri Fujibayashi :iconnecromorph-silence:necromorph-silence 4 2 9th Age Double Splash by MiCk1977 9th Age Double Splash :iconmick1977:MiCk1977 9 1 Beastman dispute by zoggin-eck Beastman dispute :iconzoggin-eck:zoggin-eck 13 8 Christianity and Islam vs Chaos by ArchangelOfJustice12 Christianity and Islam vs Chaos :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 2 0 Centigor Miniature by Magelet Centigor Miniature :iconmagelet:Magelet 4 6 BeastMan Tribal by Palaila BeastMan Tribal :iconpalaila:Palaila 10 6 Beastmen basic sketch by thepoweroflogic Beastmen basic sketch :iconthepoweroflogic:thepoweroflogic 2 0 Bray Shaman by Wasylij Bray Shaman :iconwasylij:Wasylij 11 2 [WH40k] Warhammer Touren Tau ally unit leader by maxxev [WH40k] Warhammer Touren Tau ally unit leader :iconmaxxev:maxxev 8 7 Warhammer:  Son of Cyanathair by Nravizu Warhammer: Son of Cyanathair :iconnravizu:Nravizu 4 2 beastmen lineart by zoggin-eck beastmen lineart :iconzoggin-eck:zoggin-eck 9 1 Warhammer by WEAPONIX Warhammer :iconweaponix:WEAPONIX 22 17 Beasties and Ghoulies by demongirl99 Beasties and Ghoulies :icondemongirl99:demongirl99 55 26 Beastmen by artofmoriarty Beastmen :iconartofmoriarty:artofmoriarty 27 0 Charge of the Beastmen. by Arianod Charge of the Beastmen. :iconarianod:Arianod 25 8
A Guide To Beastmen
Beastmen a bizarre race of half-human half-animal creatures created by science and magic, no one knows who created the first beastmen but sense then many have created more of them and they breed true. Because of this there are many different types, races, ethnicities, and body plans of beastmen but despite this they are all one specie. It is the purpose of this to educate people about beastmen not by listing all the different types of beastmen but by informing them about things that are true about all beastmen and explaining how beastmen are categorized.
What are beastmen?: As said earlier beastmen are a race of half-human half-animal creatures, but when most people think of beastmen they only think of beings that are half-human half-another mammal species. This is a mistake for beastmen animal half can be of any non-human animal specie, not just a mammal. There are beastmen leeches and tapeworms as well as beastmen dinosaurs and fish, and every other kind you can t
:icongoldandsliverdragon:GoldandSliverDragon 11 6



I watch a documentary at CineMark called "Death of a Nation". ... Call me crazy and hate me if you like, but... It does reveal dark truths about the democratic party, including progressivism similar to that of the Nazis, one part being racial enslavement (even though the Jews are an ethnicity instead of a race in reality).
Saw YarasWorld's devilman painchild stuff and it makes me to really want to get back into the devilman franchise all together and go to help her

Chad - “the wise guy”

Blake - “the punk girl”

Barrow - “the casual guy”

Tyleah - “the friendly girl”

Derrick - “the gamer boy”

Mina - “the homegrown girl”

Zack - “the fat guy”

Nicole - “the advanced girl”

Hunter - “the rebel boy”

Miko - “the silent samurai girl”

Andrew - “the surfer boy”

Daisie - “the bossy girl”

Moto - “pretty boy”

Lily - “the backstabber”

Otis - “the sports guy”

Nova - “the nature girl”


Craig Thompson - host

“Fujiko” - co-host

BR14N - the chef robot (manufactured in Ireland, programmed in Austria)


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Samuel Benefiel
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I like Wild Kratts!

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