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The Hub Facebook Cover and some bits and pieces from S3E13.

A friend advised me to have the number of the psychiatric emergency services at the ready when watching the episode. Thankfully it didn't come to that.

PSD file can be found here.

'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' is the copyrighted property of Hasbro.
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Not just any alicorn princess, she's a Twilicorn!

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Twilicorn/Princess Twilight opens her wings and smiles.

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Her wings are open for you to admire and pet and keep clean.

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Do that and I’m coming for every single one you love Angry 
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Used for a movie poster:

And featured in a tutorial video:
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This is how bronies (or pegasisters) will look like on their college/university graduation day.
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hi there, i just uploaded a "poster" with this vector. i asked you some time a go.…
i hope you like it
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May I use this in a video I have planned?
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Yes, of course. ;)
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OK, here it is, if you want to see it: [link]
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wow,she looks awesome,may i use for a wallpaper im doing please,Thank you^^
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can I use it in a wallpaper?
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This looks really great! Thanks for sharing! :)
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what Twilight is Long Wings than Rainbow Dash!
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She indeed has bigger wings than both, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

I still imagine it to be troublesome to sleep with those attached to you...
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Я одна кто против аликоронизма.
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I used this for a wallpaper [link]
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