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Background Scenery Hillside Farm

By TimeImpact
from S2E25. I'm half-crazy now - so many details...

PSD file can be found here.

'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' is the copyrighted property of Hasbro.
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May I use this please?
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Well it's not my background lol XD
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Used, and credited of course, in recent video, hope that's alright:…
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Hi there, I am planning on doing a My Little Pony project and I am looking around for some backgrounds for my project.  Would it be ok if I can use this scene, or any other scene in your section, in my show?
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I like it! This picture gives so many ideas.
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This is beautiful!  Marvelous job!  

I hope you don't mind,  but I used to for… this picture.  

Credit is given in,  of course
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Wow! this is amazing O_O must have took forever to get those details with Vectoring~ Hope you don't mind, but I used this in my Anime MLP wallpaper: MLP: Apple Jack Anime version let me know what you think~
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Used and credited here: [link]
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Is this copied exactly from the show? I am wondering because I would like to use it as an image for custom checks and to do that I need 1)your permission(if it's okay with you let me know and it can't be an exact copy from the show, must be 10% or more different than it appears on the show if it is a scene from the show. If that is the case and I have your permission I can move a few things around or otherwise change it.)

I am also considering using other images, one is also yours called "Background Scenery Autumn Valley"

It won't be displayed and I won't make money from it or anything it will just be used as the background image on paper checks(because MLP checks would be awesome!!)

Let me know, k? :D Thanks!
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Used here: [link]
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