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There are only 15 slots available for each class. We will be accepting applications until all the spots have been filled. Classes that have already been filled will be marked with a :star:

:bulletred: Knights: 7/15 slots
:bulletred: Collectors: 4/15 slots
:bulletred: Villains: 5/15 slots

:bulletred: Knights: 6/15 slots
:bulletred: Collectors: 8/15 slots
:bulletred: Villains: 3/15 slots

:bulletred: Knights: 6/15 slots
:bulletred: Collectors: 4/15 slots
:bulletred: Villains: 3/15 slots

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One day, the Earth just slowed to a stop. Then everything fell apart.

The Story:

One day, everything stopped, the earth, the stars, the moon - everything. We tell stories now about how the day used to change to night and then back to day again - about how the earth was once at peace, without the threat of monsters or villains - but those legends are old, and not many people nowadays believe them.

Today, the earth is locked in place, with half of it a constant, scorching Daylight; with the other half covered in Night and buried in snow. Right in the middle of these two extremes are Dusk and Dawn, the only places on earth where things are even similar to the way they used to be.

Oh the world made many new things to keep the people living, like Sun to provide light and power to the people in Night, and Frost to keep the people cool and give them water in Day. Dawn and Dusk don't really need these things though - the people there are really living it up, only the rich can live in a place like that - that's why everyone tries to fight their way to the top in Day and Night - just to be able to move to Dusk or Dawn. I don't know why anyone would want to move to Dusk though - that place is villain central.

That's right, I almost forgot the Villains. When the world stopped, the evil monsters that lived deep within the Earth began rising out and began attacking the people that lived there. Villains used to be normal people until monsters took their bodies, now they send their monster minions to hunt their former kind - other humans.

Of course, the humans created their own form of defense against the villains - That's the Knights! (Like me) The knights fight against the villains and protect the collectors! We're like heroes!

Oh yeah! The collectors! These guys are probably the most diverse class out there: mages, doctors, scouts, rangers, treasure hunters, thieves, engineers, scholars, sailors - you name it, they do it. A lot of them spend their days researching and collecting artifacts from the old world - something about reviving our past glory or whatever. Makes no sense to me, but then again, I'm not as smart as a collector. That's why we knights need their help in planning and defense against the villains. I don't know what we'd do without these guys as our tacticians - probably die...

That's the earth in a nutshell, our world is a broken one, but it's all we know. Sometimes I wish I could have seen the Old World, but those are just daydreams. Reality is harsh, the villains have been unusually active lately, and there are rumors of strange occurrences happening all over the world. Something big is happening. The world is changing - I can feel it.

- Excerpt from the Diaries of Cassandra Hazard

:star: Chatrooms :star:
:note: I don't know how many others are having this problem, but I do know a few other deviants who ran into it. The dA chatroom at times will stop you from seeing the newest post on it and stop you from adding comments yourself. I hope that dA will fix this problem soon.

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Yes, you heard us right. After two and a half years, Time City will be closing its doors. This decision was made by both myself, :iconnoctuart: and our founder/resident-clockwatcher, :iconhackwolfin:

While the decision to close the group was ultimately personal, it was also largely in part to inactive administrators, who's neglect in the group left only the two of us to run things. Running a group is a very large and stressful venture, and without the support of our admins, Wolf and I were hard pressed to keep things going. It got to a point where we had to close the group temporarily just to simply catch up.

As it stands now, We simply do not have the amount of free time we want to spend on Time City. Work and school take a priority, as I'm sure you all understand, and we don't have the ability to put the amount of time and effort we want to into Time City. We feel that if we were to continue, the quality of our work will decline and Time City as we know it would become something different entirely.

The group will remain online as an archive and members are free to continue submitting artwork of their characters to the group. However the group itself will not be putting out any new events or missions and will not be accepting new members.

We wish all of our members the best of luck, and pray for your understanding in our decision. Thank you all for your participation in Time City and helping to make it the best it could be! We love you all! Goodbye.



We'll miss you!
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Taz-X Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
psssst, iv plenty of free time and am back into drawing, i may sneak a pic in here or two, if people are still here >_>
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Okay ovo/
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this group was so cool ;v;
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I'm Hotaru's mother, btw (?)
Stalfrost Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
May I ask if you left because the group had been inactive for so long or something else?
shinjiiru Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Student Filmographer
not really ovo
I'm not confident enough with my english </3  if the group re-opens I may keep doing the activities but I'm not sure about rping   ^^;
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Oooh, is this place still open for applications, per chance? * u *
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