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:icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 posted a status

Once Upon a Time, two writers from Lost decided to give the evil queen from snow white a more relatable  character. Nothing wrong with that on paper.

BUT…the execution and throughout the course of the show ..doesn’t work.

For starters, we have a pretty good diversion from the original story . Here Snow White told the queen’s mother that Regina was planning to marry a stable boy Daniel;. The mother, heartless, killed the stable boy. Regina spent every last moment of her life up until season 1 to make her life a living hell..

Season One, Regina is the mayor of Storybrooke, a city full of fairy tale characters brought here by the Dark Curse. And to top that, she has the main character Emma Swan’s son as her own. Because Emma is the product of true love  through Snow White and Prince Charming, she can break the curse so Regina openly tries to get her outa town and keep Henry to herself. Of course, she’s not even subtle abut it and even kills the huntsman to achieve it. It’s only when Henry is in danger does her reformation start. 

AND then deviates from this when her mother Cora comes back only die when Snow White kills her.  She claims to want to reform for henry, her love is no doubt very genuine but she still has ..unhrothdhox methods. Regardless, there is a sign of a less colder Regina. This carries onto the next seasons, where she becomes a hero, defeats her sister the wicked witch, long story and dates Robin Hood..only to lose him twice. The second time, he well dies. 

And during these seasons we see her darker side in flashbacks where she massacres villages, send children to the Blind  Witch to die, willingly has the Hunstman be her sex slave and executes Robin’s wife.

so this begs the question..why would I be sad when she deserves everything last tragedy in the current day? yeah The show is about hope and redemption but this character is such a creator’s pet, the writers completely expect you to be on her side regardless of her deeds. Hell even in season 3, she says she feels NO remorse for anything of it. And yeah in season 5 she says she does, I can prove that she wasn’t lying in series 3. The vines Pan used. They choke the one with the strongest gulit. Regina just breaks free.

Yeah. this character ..just,why would I care? Why should i feel sorry for her when she loses? Why should I care when Robin died? Why would I care?  I don’t because it is full karma! Now she knows what all her victims felt like!

and Regina just refuses to tale any responsibility, she even goes so far as to separate her own darkness to free herself form any guilt. 

And said evil form is rewarded with a happy ending that Regina never got.

….I…I..I just…

WHY? GODS SAKE, EVEN RUMPLE, DESPITE ALL THE TIMES HE GOES BACK AND FORTH, IS SO RELATABLE! Regina..she doesn’t deserve to be there! she just doesn’t. I’ll give the show this; Regina didnt change instantly, but when she did, it just felt so hollow with the suspension of disbelief considering  how many people she killed in what i call a 28 year temper trantum.

The only time I felt sorry for her was when Daniel died. and that’s it.

Devious Comments

Master-of-the-Boot Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
From everything I hear, once upon a time is a dumpster fire of a show I should avoid at all costs.

As far as my personal tastes I dislike the best written and crafted redemption arcs. This just confirms my choice to leave this show alone like week old roadkill
LJE13 Featured By Owner Edited May 17, 2017  Student Artist
Your right. She is being completely selfish on trying not to feel guilty for everything she's done. these doesn't make her a better person it makes her a worse person who doesn't know how to stop running from the guilt. If they wanted her to be a decent character they intended for her, make her take responsibility for all the actions she has ever done!
MagicalAlchemist17 Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Agreed so much with this. I don't understand why people like Regina so much. And that's saying something considering I liked her.
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