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:icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 posted a status
There is no secret I dislike Steven Moffat as a show runner, but I have my reasons. I'll go through my top eight though in reverse order:

7.  Repeating the same threat/ Not expanding on new threats.

Kinda cheating but let me explain.

What I mean by this is that nearly every new enemy he creates has the same cliche such as 'Don't' blink, move, think or look. It gets tiresome after a while and he keeps on doing it.

Nowadays when he introduces new enemies, they don't do anything. They just literally stand there and make scary faces before fecking off to God knows where.

6.. Every single female character is the same.

Literally, River Song, Missy and the woman from Time of the Doctor all have the same character traits; insane, flirting, in love with the Doctor.  Vesthra and Jenny won;t even shut up about being married it gets tiresome.


Need I explain?

4.. Contradicting already established rules.

...A Dalek hive mind.  and the tank being the reason why they're like that is NOT even close to being true. It is a serious misunderstanding of the Daleks.

The Doctor never left because he was scared, he wanted to see the universe.

3.  Not developing new ideas or characters.

This is  a major issue I find with Moffat nowadays; no ideas such as Hitler being targeted before his established death? GO NOWHERE WITH IT.

New Daleks? NO WHERE!

Strax? Two years and he has had NO character development.

Kate Stewart? Still making all the things her father wouldn't do.

2. Relying heavily on fan service.

Ever since moffat took over, we had references to the classic doctors. It makes sense for the 50th anniversary but now it's juts taking the piss. We don't need archive footage or audio of past Doctors every season. At least Davies knew how to move forward, Moffat isn't.

1. The Tone.

Oh my God..the tone. There is NO tension because the tone is changing nearly five minutes, it doesn't help that they literally stop after a joke for a laugh, even when the universe is ending, they still have time to do antics with a FEZ! There's where Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi suffer; the scripts rely heavily on comedy.

I haven't got any thing wrong with comedy but if the Doctor and the characters don't take the threat seriously, why should we?

It doesn't help that they keep REVIVING EVERYONE WHO DIES. It's effecting the show badly.

What are your reasons?

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