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:icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 posted a status
Ya might as well have called Matt Smith’s era of Doctor Who “the Toddler Years” given how childish the humour was...…

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Master-of-the-Boot Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I call the entire of Moffat the age of feces. it hard for me to be mature about it, given not just how immature it was but how lazy it was. 

At least the new showrunner on Dr. Who is an established director and writer who's worked on a show other than Dr. Who. Besides, Broadchurch is a pretty good show unto itself. Unlike Steve moffat, who spent his career acting and writing how stupid people think clever people act. Also he bragged about screwing his way into positions of power in the BBC. 

Yeah that degenerated into a bit of a rant, but it's hard for me to encapsulate just how much the Moffat era sucked. . . 
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