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:icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 posted a status
Since I can't do polls:

Most overhyped Kids show villain?


Shadow Tempest 

Any Korra villain 

Lord Dominator 

Give reasons why.

Devious Comments

Pixargirl Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017
Lord Dominator.

However, she’s a comedic villain in a comedic show so I should be a little fair and there’s also the fact that I don’t watch it either. Her effectiveness is based on the punchline of being better that Hater and beating both Hater and Wander until they have a ex machina plan to defeat her. So yeah...

I think the one I feel is overhyped is Amon from Legend of Korra (season 1). I don’t actually hate the villain as I do find his character and motivation interesting. I was more interested in him than Unalaq, it’s more of the fact that out of all the villains of the show, he had the least impact on the whole series. He’s only mentioned a few times as having been a threat after season 1 and it’s a problem that stems from the show having been originally a twelve episode miniseries. His arc was meant to be self contained and so it couldn’t go further other than as a mention. While season two had its problems there were aftermaths to what the characters did in that season that continue on into the next two seasons.
TimeBoy08 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017
I'd have to say Toffee, he's just literally such a bland villain it's not even worth the hype. Not to mention the waste getting his voice actor to record like what 10 lines each season.

ludo becoming powerful? Nope. All Toffee.

Died like a chump too.
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