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:icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 posted a status

Little fun fact, this deleted story board actually had Jeremy Irons in some places; feels like this scene was cut out late in production then 

Until 0:50 is Jeremy irons

1:07 - 1:38 is Jim Cummings

1:39 to 2 is Irons 

2 to 2:17 is Cummings 

2:18 to :27 is Irons 

2:31 to 2:53 Is Cummings

Rest is Irons 

You know I could never tell the difference as a kid ...

Makes me wish they hired Jim to voice Scar in KH

Devious Comments

KingRyHuff Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
If only they did...and if only they could have added that scene to the actual movie...which would given more reason for Nala to leave the Pridelands in search for help.

But then that would have really creeped out a lot of kids who were seeing the Lion King, including me. Because I saw it in the theatre...maybe three times. I also saw the musical twice....which added a scene similar to the mentioned clip. And it would have also given the film a PG rating.

Just as Hunchback should have gotten a PG rating.
Don't they have him doing Pete already? But yeah,why didn't they have Scar voiced by Jim? the guy is use to doing multiple characters in Disney shows and movies. He voiced a good amount of characters in Darkwing Duck.
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