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I grew up with Scooby Doo..and Shaggy was always my favourite character but which one for me is my favourite voice? Well, I'm gonna do through them and let you know my honest opinion of them.…

Casey Kasem- Okay...I get why everyone liked him because he's the original and voiced him the longest. But I think the latter is the problem; he's voiced him too long. Now with Frank Welker, his Fred voice hasn't changed that much. Kasem as Shaggy as the years went on, however, did. He went compeltly hoarse and raspy come "What's New Scooby Doo?" it kinda made the performance one noted. Don't get me wrong, I applaud him for bringing the ideal voice for the character, but I just didn't grow up watching him during his prime.

Billy West- Honeslty I'm mixed. His voice does fit Shaggy but at times you can hear him slip into his Fry voice. Then again, he did do the role just once but it'd be cool to have heard him a bit more.

Scott Innes- Now this is the Shaggy voice I grew up with watching the direct to video films and playing the video games. Innes does a pretty good impression of Kasem and it makes me question why he doesn't get more work. Then again, there are signs of a bit "all over the placeness" but Innes is great imitating Kasem whilst making the voice fit the character design.

Scott Menville-...yeah no.

Matthew Lillard- Anyone who seen the Scooby Doo movies can see that Lillard looked and sounded the part of Shaggy. Honestly it's not wonder he got to be Kasem's successor. I guess people give him a lot of slack for not exactly sounding like Shaggy in Mystery Incoperated but 12 years have passed since he last played the role live action wise so his voice is gonna sound a bit different...but that's not a bad thing. Given how MI expands on the characters, Lillard adds more of a range to Shaggys emotional range just as the other voice actors do.

So all and all..if I have to do my list it'd be 

1. Matthew Lillard

2. Scott Innes

3. Casey Kasem

4. Billy West.

5. Scott Menville.

but what about you guys?
Detective88 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
I agree with Matthew Lillard. But I grew up with Casey Kasem and Scott Innes
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May 13, 2016