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Not even sure how long I been here...but end of the year.

Ya know, i first came here to help out with the MCF...and someone else, but I didn't think I'd be writing my own stories.

I met  two dear friends of mine :iconangelthewingedcat: and :iconmagicalalchemist17: on this site and I don't regret giving them advice and helping them just as they help me with co writing my stories.

I hope for new year to improve on my writing to make sure my stories are to their fullest. There are times where yes I can be harsh, blunt or cold; but I do it to help others reach their potential.

Thank you all for being patient with me on the stories and have a happy New Year's Eve.

See ya in 2018 :) 


I love how cartoony the cartoony visuals and designs.

The action and boss fights were also pretty fun.


Voice Acting can be either one noted, just yelling or lacking the right emotion for the scene.

Story tries TOO hard to be dark at times.

Character choices. Oh lord…some of Sly’s choices..

Still, not the worst games I played. There is some fun to have but the tory just drags it down to me. I guess I’ll always just be more of a Crash Bandicoot fan; it embraced how silly and cartoony it was. Sly Cooper feels like it’s trying too be hard to be some deep dark story.


If you see this, please help my friend :iconangelthewingedcat: . She's..she has a stalker who last year kept bugging and bugging her, using her ocs and tried to get through to her through others. And despite being blocked he's back, stalking her through the other wikis. 

And he's asking others to talk to her again.…… her. She's one of my best friends here and she doesn't deserve this. Not again! For more info...please see here.


She needs our help guys..

Okay, a lot of people are Going crazy over the new Death Note movie and how Light is nothing like the manga..

Well let's look at Light Yagami and Light Turner and how they differ 

Getting the Death Note  

Now when we first meet Light Yagami, he's already bored outta his mind and for good reason. He's one of the smartest kids in school, of course nothing's gonna be a challenge for him. When he picks up the Death Note, he dismisses it as a joke and but slowly gives into temptation. Now this is the typical anime approach to seeing a supernatural object.

Light Turner seems to act like its all a big joke too and doesn't even seem to write a name down until he meets Ryuk. Of course he's not gonna do it, he sees it as another hoax; hoaxes are common in real life, he's probably thinking "pfft, yeah right."

Yagami  commits his first kill out of curiosity, Turner does it because he thinks it's all a dream.


Yagami  was already bored with life and had a hate for criminals that came second. When he did start off killing criminals, he did it with a good cause but let's face it, this facade is just to justify boredom. Even when L died, he kills innocents because most of the criminals are dead anyways.

Turner had experience with crime before as seen in the trailers so his start seems more heroic than Yagami.


There is no denying right from the get go of Yagami's ego. As soon as L insulted him, he killed the imposter. Plus the whole "God of the New World" suddenly in the very first episode shows that he has a huge god complex. As soon as he saw his chance, he took it.

Turner seems to be sane but the fact he wrote in 'decapitated'. Implies he always imagines gruesome deaths and is just living out this 'fantasy'. He even questions whether he's doing the right thing, something Yagami never did. Again, this is the realistic approach someone would have.  Whilst Ryuk edged Turner on at first, we can tell Turner eventually gets a slippage of sanity with each kill.


Yagami is easily really intelligent, able to predict  others actions, even his own (I still call bull on that). He even manipulated a Shimigami into killing herself. He has no regard for anyone at all. He's a sociopath and his intellect is justified given he's a smart kid.

Turner is not; he's just a normal kid who lives in a rotten world. When he sees a notebook that can end all crime, of course he's gonna use it. He's just a normal kid with too much power. 

Caring for others.

Yagami doesn't care. Expect when his father died but that's it.

Turner looks like he does care. Just look at the trailer when he defends Mia.

So and all..Light Turner is not the Light Yagami from the anime/manga. You don't like it? Okay. But I'm looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to seeing this. A different interpretation of Light. The live action Japanese movies, the musical. They all had the over the top intelligent Light who justified killing for his boredom from the manga/anime. So seeing a more..modern day Light, a socially awkward one, one gets more crazy instead of instantly, I'm looking forward. We had different Jokers, different Lexs, different Ultrons, Lokis etc.

Why can't we have a different Light?

There's no reason why we can't and I wanna see how this goes

I was sentenced by :iconpixargirl:

The rules: 

1) Post all the rules

2) Share 10 things about yourself(don't have to be too personal)

3) Answer 12 questions in full detail, but not too full and then ask the tagged person 12 different questions

4) You can tag 10 people

5) You must make a journal entry

6) Don't say "I got tagged"

7) Tag-backs are allowed.

  1. I’m a male
  2. I like Doctor Who but hate Matt Smith
  3. I’m prefer a good balance of comedy and serious moments.
  4. i think Heath Ledger’s Joker overrated and prefer Leto’s Joker
  5. Crash Bandicoot is my fav ps1 game.
  6. I’m English.
  7. I’d love for a disney cartoon with the adult humour of Gravity Falls, the fluid animation of Star vs Forces of Evil and the mature themes of Steven Universe.
  8. I prefer the Harry Potter books.
  9. DC movies all the way.
  10. ..I’m done.

1. What’s your guiltiest guilty pleasure? (guilty please is a book, tv show, movie, etc. that you’re embarrass to admit you like)

Oh boy…well…I am kind a fan of Highschool of the Dead.

2. Am I annoying to you?

No, but sometimes it is hard to communicate.

3. Which would you rather have the ability to time travel at will/control time or making other feel what you want them to/make them think what you want them to?

Just time travel, really.

4. Worst movie you’ve ever seen?

oh god there’s a list:

Dark Knight 



Blair Witch

Cars 2

5. Can you make fanfiction into good, publishable literature (a la Fifty Shades of Grey, though have it not be awful)?

Not really..

6. Do you relate better to males or females?


7. What makes a good couple, fictional or otherwise?

Honestly I think as long as the romance is built up and the characters both have flaws, you can make it work.

8. Worst fanfic you’ve ever read?

Lorcan’s Warth..

9. What would you do/change for a live action Lion King? (Don’t even say “I wouldn’t”/“I don’t")

I’d keep the original cast. BUT at the same time.. I’d also change character traits. Make Simba kill Scar, regardless of the whole ;i’m not like you.” Sometimes the hero has to get his hands dirty. I’d make the hyenas darker.

10. Are you an optimist, realist, or pessimist?


11. If you have an OC does the character still work if they’re the opposite sex/gender (if they are sexless/genderless than say so)?


12. Favorite Disney movie, character, and why? (preferably the Disney Animated Canon)

Wreck it Ralph due to his journey. It’s the perfect subversion of being a villain.

My Questions:

  1. Am I a bad guy?
  2. Favourite Joker and why?
  3. What form of media do you think could have been better?
  4. Dc or Marvel?
  5. What makes a good kids show? A good balance of comedy and serious or just comedy?
  6. least favotire book?
  7. Why do you do what you do?
  8. Say you could reimagine something light hearted into a darker thing, what would you do?
  9. Most overrated hero and villain?
  10. Favourite game?
  11. PS or Xbox
  12. Fav Nostalgia Critic ep?

I tag:

:iconangelthewingedcat: :iconmagicalalchemist17: :iconsubukunojess: :iconpixargirl: :iconamuletstar:

I feel like I need to address this about the Magic War

...yes, I hate Death Note and I think Light Yagami is both overrated as a character and wouldn't last long in a world full of magic.

I have seen stories on Fanfiction where he knows of magical creatures and there are bull reasons why he doesn't just kill magic users.

Given how easy it was to kill Rem, in what i admit is a smart move, fans exaggerate this trait to make him capable of being superior to magical users like the sailor scouts and Sora. And the Doctor.

But really...when those who know Kira is wirh magic..or even know about Kira, they can se magic to disguise themselves.

Given how that would have caused issues in Magic War, I decided to make Light order Ryuk to summon a Minster to attack Mikami in order to lead a magical user into the open. Oh and the whole thing about those with the EYEs being able to detect magic users? I made it up! Yeah I made it up. Wanna know why? Because of the lack of magical creatures in the proper Death Note, we don't know for sure if the eyes  can or cannot detect magic.

Light is NOT a recurring villain in magic war; by doing that he'll come off as comical with each defeat when he can just literally kill with a pen. So he has to die. And thus, his actions alongside Wing Skellingtons caused the events of Magic War.

aslo...about Hazama and Sly Cooper human? This is a different interpretation of them.

I hate Death Note and still think Yagami can NOT be a recurring villain, but the idea of exploring the aftermath of Kira set in a magical world has potential.

hence the Magic War.

(next chapter is being worked on :) )

Recently I got back into SpongeBob due to it’s humour and adult jokes..and I love seasons 1-4, they’re just so funny. The first film was my favourite animated movie of Nickelodeon and ADORED the game, I still got it.

So basic plot…Mr. Krabs opens up a second Krusty Krab restaurant, and SpongeBob is heavily anticipating being promoted to manager of the new restaurant. But to his dismay, Squidward gets the job instead because SpongeBob is supposedly not mature enough for the job. Meanwhile, Plankton finally stops fooling around and enacts his greatest plan to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula — he steals King Neptune's crown, sends it to the dangerous Shell City, and frames Mr. Krabs for it. When Neptune finds his crown missing, he crashes the Krusty Krab 2 and charges Krabs for the theft, but SpongeBob is willing to travel to Shell City to retrieve the crown, so Neptune gives him six days to find it, during which he has Krabs frozen.

While SpongeBob and Patrick head off on their adventure, Plankton makes it past the frozen Krabs and successfully steals the Krabby Patty formula. He then gives away bucket-helmets with all the Krabby Patties he sells, which then turn his customers into his monument-building slaves. Can SpongeBob and Patrick successfully retrieve Neptune's crown and save Bikini Bottom...?

Well yeah they do.

What did I like and dislike? 


  1. The Darker tone really worked where and was well balanced. Considering the amount of adult jokes in the show, I knew that this movie would have a LOT. Seriously, drunk SpongeBob is priceless! 
  2. The characterisations. Plankton’s  darker side here just worked here because in his first appearances he was a serious villain with occasional comedy. This movie added a new side to him. That ONE scene where he activates the bucket helmets and they all go after Squidward with Mr Lawrence giving one of his finest Plankton laughs was just bone chilling as a child. Mr Krabs was the fatherly figure from season 1, I adored it. Yeah he was selfish a bit, bit his actions were justified in given the manager position to Squidward. This is the Krabs I want more of; a Jerk with A Heart of Gold.
  3. Tom Kenny as Spongebob during the Shell City scene. That is all. 


  1. Squidward not joining them. Seriously they missed out on a chance to have some great comedy with SpongeBob and Patrick annoying him as usual and a great potential to have a scene where he reveals how he feels and slowly begins to warm up.
  2. Mindy was just kind a plot device..she just there to be…just there. I mean how did she get from the trench to Bikni Bottom so quickly? I know it’s a kids film but still.
  3. This is canonically the finale. Yeah I know it’s a weird thing to dislike, but Sponge out of Water becomes Harsher in Hindsight when you realise no matter how heartwarming Plankton and SpongeBob’s bonding was, he’s still gonna be this big dictator.

So out and all, although the film missed out on a bit but i just adored this movie, better then the Jimmy Neutron and Simpsons movie.


I'm gonna start it. The NEXT CHAPTER of MAGIC WAR!! Im not giving up. I can't.
Wanna know what I love about Rogue One? I'm glad they didn't spend hours telling us all about these characters; this is just a mission that could resolve in their deaths, they don't have time to sate stories about each other and don't have anyone who knows them ; they're just faceless and nameless people whose actions will be a big turning point to the rest of the Galaxy .

But someone said to me that if the characters aren't interesting then neither is the story, I agree there but that is just my preference for this movie. Because they were never gonna survive this, let's face it. Did I care when they died? A little. So yes I agree but please do not misunderstand me. I have this complicated way of looking trough stories. This movie for me brought the "War' in "Star Wars" and acted in a more reaslistic manner compared to the other movies; 

1. There was no just 'Good' and 'Evil'; there were gray patches there. Yes we had that with Han Solo but here it was more prominent with the Rebels.

2. Jyn's speech didn't win them all over like it would have in any other Star Wars movie. 

3. The development was bad, yes. I give you that. But let's face it, they were gonna die. And given the  time limit these characters had ...they died like anyone else in this situation would. They didn't bond well because they have just all met in the course of a few hours, they weren't gonna reveal important information of each other to one another (strangers). Whilst they were just literally brushed aside with no-one mourning, no one having a statue in their honour after all of it..that's the part i like. 

So many people die for their countries in real life and not all of them are named or recognised or given a statue. There's no big fan fare about their deaths; life continues, Star Wars nailed that part for me with this movie. It just felt right for them to die and the film continue. Did they die unnamed outside of a squadron name? Yes, but their actions enabled the rebels to have a major victory. Basically I liked this movie for subverting the whole "hero' is safe whilst everyone else is a red shirt. I know this isnt the first movie to do this wth the main character dying with no big fanfare and just like anyone else but this just seemed like the perfect Star Wars movie to show that.

Other stuff:

Darth Vader  

Kay I'm just come out and say it..get rid of his scene in that silly castle and the story would not be any different. He just felt shoehorned in this scene just for James Earl Jones to voice him. Nothing against JLJ, but this scene just lessened the impact of the BRILLIANT FINAL SCENE!

CGI Tarkin

This was one of the biggest controversies of the film. Peter Cushing was digitally resurrected for Rouge One and the results were very mixed. Me? I get the dislike for the Uncanny Valley but brining back a dead actor isn't exactly gonna be 100 percent perfect. So I think they did a great job, Guy Henry (of Harry Potter fame as Pius Thicknesss) was a perfect voice mimic and body double for Cushing.

Actors were great, Krennic was a perfect arrogant villain who thought he was in control.

After seeing many posts bout "Mystery Case Files', I had to say this...

Before I started reviewing stuff, I had major disagreements in the past. I used to love stuff like Steven Moffat's 'Doctor Who', I used to think Heath Ledger was the best Joker, I used to like stuff others didn't. But after a while..I started to see faults in stuff. Rewatching and re reading things, I noticed a lot of flaws. I noticed that Doctor Who had declined in it's sense of dread and tension, I noticed Harry Potter had it's main character win purely on luck, I began to notice ideas that just couldn't work or the very little things that ruin important scenes...

And it was roughly that time I left :iconjussonic: because of this attitude. For a time, I read the Mystery Case Files and saw no issue...until I realised that there was no set in stone characterisation or explanations for certain things like

1. Why do all this different people from different time periods exist?
2. Why is Jafar the main villain and never brought up again?
3. Why are the MLP characters the major recurring characters?
4. What tone do they want?
5. Why is nearly every story is just the episode or film with the MCF as extras that don't really change anything to the story?
6. Why should we care about these characters and what they're going through if we don;t fully know them?

And for a time...It seemed that it was just me that notice this. No one else was giving any criticism to these girls and even when I did, I was told to sod off and that they knew what they were doing..but they did little to do this. It just seemed that what ever arc they were doing (mostly just :iconmagicalalchemist17: and :icondetective88: ) were literally just copy and paste either these cliches:

1. A villain wants them as a bride 
2. Copy and Paste MLP
3. Someone turn evil and with a song, they're back to normal.
4. and here was ALWAYS...ALWAYS "Let it go' in nearly every single arc.
5. Other MCF get sidelined.

This is NOT a good way to properly show these characters, there has been so little development of them, they never change as characters. They just seem to be stuck on one character trait. 

I tried to help fix certain problems like creating the Time Keepers but no one seemed willing to listen; most wanted happy endings regardless of how dark a villain is.  There's nothing wrong with having a happy ending but Ya gotta have some consequences that aren;t wished away by magic. 

The creator hardly talked to the others and there was so little talk between the writers. That's not how you should do it.

I think I really started to see the flaws when Death Note was introduced in MCF. I noticed a lot of flaws...

1. Why should Light be obsessed with someone outside of L and Near?
2. Light as a recurring villain just doesn't work.

It also didn't help that literally no one was wiling to kill off any important characters; I'm sorry but no. if you;re gonna have Light Yagami as a villain, you have to have a high body count.

So all and all, I felt like the straw that broke the camel's back. But I don't regret it. MCF just wasn't working.

By popular demand, here’s my second reflection.


Ah, the Mystery Case Files, a series that literally jumped season 1 to season 6 with no build up and vice versa, shoe horning in every fandom you can think of with literally no thought or reason outside of “it sounds cool.”

AND it really shows here.

For those who weren’t aware, in season 5 of MCF, there was supposed to be a Death Note crossover where Tracy Tennyson (:iconmagicalalchemist17:’s OC) would suddenly become Light’s apprentice to protect her friends. Sounds like a typical OC suddenly becoming a character’s interest story. It could have worked..except..

  1. This is a universe where Madoka Magica, MLP, Pokemon, Blazblue, Marvel and DC (EVERY ANIMATED FILM AND LIVE ACITON FILM IN THE SAME CONTINUITY) take place and there;s a LOT of people who can easily kill Light.

  1. Light would just kill the MCF anywheres. Plus this raises the question of if Winter Soilder happens in this universe (and it’s been confirmed it does) and Black Widow released info of HYDRA agents..why didnt Light kill the agents?
  2. Light casually accepts magic ..does nothing bout it.
  3. Tracy has had TOO many arcs to this point and despite her sister being a former villain..she agrees with Light that evil must die.

Anyways..this is …the start of the end of MCF.

Months after the events of MCF; Death Note, Tracy somehow has nightmares about Light returning despite her friends trying to clam her down alongside her godfather Tony Stark, adopted father Ben Tennyson and real  mother Anastasia (Yes..that Anastasia) telling her over wise.

However..her evil just for the sake of it cousin Shirona receives a death note from Ryuk and frees Mikami from his prison. (Here he has his memories intact..makes you question the intellect of Near for NOT burning his Death Note). Explaining through a evil song, they resurrect Light yagami, hide in a  cafe with NO disguises, Misa just randomly joins them alongside Paulina from Danny Phantom who apparently is a full blown villain here to take over Cartoon Town and revenge on the MCF.

….1. Light would never alley himself with the most obvious of villains.

  1. He’d just kill the MCF when brought back.

  1. He accepts Cartoons being alive to easily.

So he gets himself arrested just to rip off Heath Ledger joker and get free for no reason and then takes over the town by ripping of Bane. And you’re not gonna believe this..EVERYONE in Cartoon Town is a Kira supporter.


The MCF are forced to abandon their loved ones and Tracy joins Light to protect the MCF, convinced she;s doing the right thing after writing half of Wing Skellington (:iconangelthewingedcat:’ OC) name because she’s a new member of the MCF and a build up for this hatred.

Oh and she’s known who Kira was even before MCF: Death Note…WHY SHE DIDN;T JUST TELL THEM WHO KIRA IS BEFORE MCF: DEATH NOTE , I’LL NEVER KNOW.

So she goes off with Saber and Ragna (from Fate Zero and Blazblue..two of the most overpowered characters) whist the other girls f off god knows where. Tracy’s twin Tricia is trained by Ras Al Ghoul , which brings me to these two facts..

  1. Ras Al Ghoul would moan in pleasure at the idea of a Death Note.
  2. ..THE MCF leave their students behind with no knowledge of what Kira is capable of.

Speaking of which, the students are all put on trial and chosen to cross a frozen river in Cartoon Town (sound fucking familiar?!) , these members include many such as Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Dawn, tracy’s other siblings, Homura Akemi-

…………..I’ll come back to that.

Tracy is suddenly so full of hatred for the MCF it;s unreal and Cartoon Town is basically Gotham in DKR now. Then again, i’d be pissed if my friends were just singing a MLP song and waste precious time before saving the students. Anyways, Tracy is ordered by Light to write down Wing’s name after the latter killed some Kira Supporters (for NO reason might I add) and of course Tracy agrees and instantly does it- NOPE. Shriona has to sing ‘Unleash the Evil’ infront of her lover Light, who might I stress does NOT view himself as Evil- to do it. Wing instantly collapses …and comes back. It turns out that isn’t her real name, which begs the question of why she even collapsed.

For some reason furious that she can;t kill a friend, Tracy turns into her Hyde form to kill them (Light does NOT react) and Sunset Shimmer alongside Tricia defeat her. Princess Luna tells Tracy to come back but she goes off with Light with another deal to protect her loved ones. Light refuses and kills them-

Nope. He agrees. Yep. He lets the biggest threats he’s ever seen, magical girls and ponies LIVE. Oh and he becomes King of the Shinigami. 

Wing is given a reason to hate Tracy even though Tracy;s reasoning was so forced and didn’t even work, Hermione Granger takes Tracy’s place and the newest Kira sings ‘Defying gravity as she ascend into Tyoko, a Tyoko ruled under Kira..

…God this was just…terrible. Just painful.

The setting doesn’t work and clashes horribly, especially when in this universe, everything canon from every show happened. At least with my story I’m trying to make changes tot he characters, here there is  no difference.

Light is portrayed dumber than usual and only wins because everyone else is a dumbass by comparison. The MCF are so useless here it;s not funny, Sunset and Hermione are just here to be Diet Tracy.

But my two biggest the MCF verse, Homura maintains her demon and time powers..she had the power to kill light the entire time and didnt just freeze time and kill them…then again we need a plot.

and Tracy…sigh..I’m gonna be honest…and i’m sorry :iconmagicalalchemist17:..I hate this character. She is supposed to be Tony Stark and Light Yagami levels of why is she acting Ed and Patrick Star levels of stupidity? She joins light knowing he can’t be trusted, knowing he can just be killed like that, turns on her family just because …reasons, hates Wing outta the blue (whose just as responsible as she is) and has the nerve to blame the MCF..

She is the one who became friends with Light, she is the one with apparently requested he’d be buried (somewhere near Cartoon Town it seems), she had a DEATH NOTE. A FUCKING DEATH NOTE. JUST WRITE THEIR NAMES DOWN!
this arc didn't need to be exist; Tracy has had enough arcs. It's MCF! NOT Tracy and the MCF!

I’m glad this arc was cancelled because the villains Light teams up with in future stories (I wish I was kidding ) is a insult to his character (Lord Hater, Bill Cipher, Hazama, Nightmare Moon, Starlight Glimmer and Joker). This is why Light and a Death Note just don’t work in a magical realm for TOO  long. AND HE DOES NOT ALLEY HIMSELF WITH THE MOST OBVIOUS OF VILLAINS! HE DOES NOT VIEW HIMSELF EVIL. WHY ARE PEOPLE FINDING THIS DETAIL SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND! HE IS NOT A OBVIOUS VILLAIN! HE VIEWS HIMSELF AS THE ONLY ONE TO BRING PEACE! 


You watch something you'd be suprised and not know the twist before hand?
But John DiMaggio's Joker is what Heath Ledger shoukd have been like 
1. If it is a serious villain such as Lex Luthor or Judge Frollo or even a murderer, the punishment must be either death or under arrest.

2. If the villain is NO threat, a comical defeat.

3. If its a parody, do what you wish.


Published by TimeBoy08.
Okay, everyone was so hyped about this and i can see why. Looked good, sounded good..but in the end to me, it was just Okay.

Yeah, I thought it was okay. I liked how it was different in the cast for a change, I liked the voice actors, they played their roles well (Alan Tyudk as a chicken though?!) , I liked the animation, it looked beautiful.

But..oh God, ya know I;m getting a bit fed up with the slang. I know its a very day thing even in other films; but I just wanna see a Disney movie where they don't use language that wouldn't exist years before their time.

And not to mention the lamp shading of Disney cliches. Funny in Frozen, but not here. Been done to death now.

The crab just felt really out of place, the comedy was just not balanced well when you compare it to Zootopia and Wreck-it Ralph, my TWO favroite movies.

Now the songs were good, i got a few chuckles. But I just think it felt a step backwards when you compare it to what we got ever since 2010.

Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie...

Deadpool would win.

yeah Pinkie is random and stuff but fans really exaggerate said randomness to make her a borderline looney tunes cartoon character. Her randomness is never helpful in serious moments or against a major villain.

Deadpool has more training and is very difficult to kill.
So all just celebrate.
Yeah time I updated this list, huh? Now due to deceased voice actors or budget costs, of course theres gonna be replacements..bad replacements at that.

5. Kirk Thornton as Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic)…) When the hell did Shadow start sounding like a vampire?! I get he's supposed to be dark and brooding, but not with a stupid accent. Kirk should have just recycled his Saix voice.

4. Corey Burton as Frollo (Kingdom Hearts DDD)…) Okay Corey does a passable job as normally he does sound like Tony Jay at times, but good God, this exact same voice is heard for there different characters at this point it just becomes tedious. not to mention he's so off when he yells Frollo's lines.

3. Nolan North as N.Gin (Crash Bandicoot) (…) Oh my god...I hate the new Crash games with a passion but this performance was so forced. SHOUTING YOUR LINES doesn't make it funny, it just comes off as annoying.

2. Every voice in Port Royal (Kingdom Hearts 2)...just...ew..

1. James Carter Cathcart as James (Pokemon)…) ....Oh my god..this voice..this voice is just so terrible for James. It sounds like a older man in fifties, not a man in his twenties. It's so forced even as the YX saga went on, I kept wishing for Eric Stuart back or hell Ted Lewis back. Carter does a decent Mewoth but a terrible James.

So whose your least favourite voice replacement?

Step One: This crap.Image result for maleficent poster

Step Two:....This...

God..why do these two exist?!
I hate it when doing fanmakes of  movies or games, they have it so the villain is just someone manlipauted by another villain which comes compeltly out of no where!

Like :iconjussonic:'s Danny Potter series where he has it so Palpatine was manlipulating Vader like in Star Wars...on,y one problem. Palpatine is playing Grindleward and Vader is Voldemort. Grindleward and Voldemort never met before the latter killed the former.who was in prison ever since 1945.