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Darkspace Emissary Prologue
PROLOGUE: The Experiment
In our world, cartoon characters are fiction, as are anime, video games and various movies. This follows throughout many universes.
But not the World of Trophies.
This world, created by the mischievous mind of Tet, was a reimagining of other universes combined into one. His own 'playground' so to say. But a playground is useless without toys. Tet went on to create trophies in the image of various characters; these trophies always maintained the original’s personality, likes and dislikes. They were all essentially the characters they were based on except for said character's backstory, memories and fates. They were friends and foes with the friends and foes of the 'originals' as a gift from Tet upon their creations. The creator explained it was a way to help his creations  find their place as hero or villain in this world. But what was the purpose in this world?
To fight.
Yes, within each trophy, there's a longing for
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Determined to ensure his students can battle the released Kishin, Lord Death heard talk of a tournament where fighters across the world would do battle. Realising the potenional of one of his students coming out stronger, the Reaper sent the son of Medusa Gorgon, Crona, to prove his loyalty and put his strength to the limit. Crona only accepted at the insistence of his only friend Maka. Armed with his black blood and Demonsword Ragnarok, Crona journeyed from Death City to participate in what would be the fight of his life.
Shao Kahn fought with all his strength, but his end came by Crona's Black Blood piercing his chest before the Swordsman ended the Emperor of Outworld with a swift slash to the throat. After Ragnarok absorbed his soul, however, Crona felt a new sense of self confidence in himself and with the amount of souls taken from Shang Tsung, his strength increased as well. Returning to Death City, his mother Medusa attempted to manipulate him to rejoin her,
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WKHII: Outfits for Aincrad (Sword Art Online) by angelthewingedcat WKHII: Outfits for Aincrad (Sword Art Online) :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 22 27
Magic War part 1
Prologue part 1
The Calcite was an ancient and powerful gem, worn by the ancient wizard Merlin. Merlin dedicated himself to teaching the future King Arthur all he knew of. Alas, the mortal king passed away before his training could be completed. Lost in the death of his surrogate son, Merlin found himself repeating the same years over and over again, but with slight alterations; sometimes the king would be an utter imbecile, some would be a female. With each different King, Merlin realized that his grief had created other universes, found across the world. With each attempt to stop this cycle of grief, the poor wizard only found himself in a loop. 
It was only through the Lady of the Lake that finally allowed Merlin’s suffering to ended with his life. The Calcite was split into two and split across the pocket universe, each with a different effect. One became a world full of talking ponies, another of alien-like creatures used for combat and even hidden within the
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Department of Mysteries by Natello Department of Mysteries :iconnatello:Natello 1,148 85 Demon Goddess 14 - Drawing Pose Reference by TJStock Demon Goddess 14 - Drawing Pose Reference :icontjstock:TJStock 25 0 Tracy's second Mission outfit by MagicalAlchemist17 Tracy's second Mission outfit :iconmagicalalchemist17:MagicalAlchemist17 9 19 Updated Green Hood Outfit by angelthewingedcat Updated Green Hood Outfit :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 18 33
Birdy Cephon hunts criminals in Death Battle!

Name: Birdy Cephon Altera
AKA: The Berserker Killer, Shion Arita(her disquise on Earth), Tsutomu Senkawa(the soul inside her body of the person she killed on accident).
Species: Ixioran Altan - an upgraded version of an Altan via some bio-engineering for combat purposes. (Yes, Altans look like humans).
Gender: Both. Female as Birdy or Shion Arita. Male as Tsutomu Senkawa.
Boomstick: Heh, she can be whatever you want her to be.
Age: ~18-20, not sure, honestly. I did not find her specific age.
Height: ???
Weight: Top secret
Birdy comes from a planet called Altaria which is similar to Earth but is more advanced in technology. The race that Birdy comes from are called Altans and are similar to humans but there is something that differentiates Birdy from other Altans. Birdy is a bio-engineered super solider called Ixioran Altan, a being who is bred for combat.
Birdy was no
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Excited for Mary Poppins Returns
I'm really excited for Mary Poppins Returns. 
If you ask me, I believe that Emily Blunt does Mary Poppins justice and the movie itself brings back the classical magic of the original Mary Poppins film to a 'T'. Yet I never actually imagined Angela Lansbury to make an appearance in the trailer or Colin Firth. 
Bet none of you were expecting Meryl Streep either. 
Let's just see if this film will be just as memorable and as majestic as the original Mary Poppins. 
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My issue with the idea of the live action Lion King steams from the live action Jungle Book.

Look at the animated scene with Shere Kahn: 

now look at live action:

The animated one feels like a actual character. The live action one feels like a documentary with a famous actor doing narration. The voice acting is even more obvious here than the animation. 
Live Action Lady and the Tramp

2a3be1d4-818e-46db-a302-33e4b213c74d by TimeBoy08
Yeah why is Disney doing wrong live action adaptations? 
It’s not gonna work as good as the animated.

The voice over is gonna be even more obvious with this one because just like the live action lion king; it lacks character. 
Ya know...I hate it when a former main villain suddenly becomes comic relief to make the new main villain look intimidating.

Like..seriously, Tirek was just made a utter fool in series 9 so far. Like he talks about his mom when asleep? Oh come on. 

This is some really pathetic artificial way to make Grogar look more evil when all he does is just have generic evil voice*100 and make over the top faces.
Tried watching new Star Vs Forces.

....anyone miss it when it was like season 1? Because it’s become way too complicated; too much is going on,
I think the motion of every hero having be kind and considerate and coddling you when everything isn’t okay is just overdone crap.

i prefer it when they don’t  kiss boo boos during the mission and allow people to focus on the task at hand. 


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