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Darkspace Emissary Prologue
PROLOGUE: The Experiment
In our world, cartoon characters are fiction, as are anime, video games and various movies. This follows throughout many universes.
But not the World of Trophies.
This world, created by the mischievous mind of Tet, was a reimagining of other universes combined into one. His own 'playground' so to say. But a playground is useless without toys. Tet went on to create trophies in the image of various characters; these trophies always maintained the original’s personality, likes and dislikes. They were all essentially the characters they were based on except for said character's backstory, memories and fates. They were friends and foes with the friends and foes of the 'originals' as a gift from Tet upon their creations. The creator explained it was a way to help his creations  find their place as hero or villain in this world. But what was the purpose in this world?
To fight.
Yes, within each trophy, there's a longing for
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The courtroom, once as silent as a mouse, was now full of voices. Their tones varied from satisfaction to outrage. Some claiming Ami got what she deserved, some (Usgai, for example) trying to stand up for her. No one saw Wing’s self-satisfied smile. Asmer sighed and slammed her staff on the ground. Slience was the response to the action.
“It is over.” she said with finality, her eyes sweeping across every seat in the room. “Now, return to your homes and be with your loved ones. I still have a mess to clean up.”
It seemed like many wanted to stay but upon the Time Keeper’s glare, they relented and faded from their seats. Only Wing, Saber and Ragna remained in their seats, the former forming her smile to a more her look to match their friends’ grim expressions. David Jekyll stood near his mother.
“Justice done, huh?” his eyes never left the doors Ami was dragged through.
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INTERLUDE: The Mistake that Started it All

Two weeks before the death of Light Yagami.

Six years. That’s how long Kira has ben active for.  Japan is run by fear and it has been for the last six years because of Kira. 
But that didn’t mean that he was without followers.
There were many who shared his sense of justice and for good reason; criminals were dying, the crime ratings dropped to nearly nonexistent. To them, Kira was a force of good.
It blinded them to the truth of the actions, actions that took the lives of innocents. It made Saber grit her teeth as she saw people walk around, talking of how Kira is changing the world for the better, to talk so casually of murder. What she wouldn’t give to find Kira and make him pay.
But she couldn’t physically do anything as par the rules of the treaty.
All those with magical abilities will deal with their own. Assaulting a ’normal’ with no e
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"Hello, bitch." Hannah Morgan grinned with her gun out. "I'd like my gem back please."
Warden Sharp did not show his fear like his driver did; after all, being against the Princess of the Underworlder was not something people would gloat about.
The Trifecta's gunner jumped off the truck, moving her long black hair as she did so. Homura had her gun of choice out as she pointed it towards Sharp and his driver; the Arkham representative struggling to keep the calm look on his face.
“You won’t get this!” Sharp’s hand held the Soul Gem in his pocket tightly. “You’ll have to dag it from my cold carcass!”
"And you're a fool if you think you have a choice." Homura retorted. Her eyes glanced to Sharp's left and she fired. Sharp visibly flinched when his driver's blood and brains stained his suit. "That will be you unless you hand it over now."
Sharp remained silent, whether it was out of fear or pride, no
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“BOSS! BOSS!” Stan bellowed as he pounded on the safe like door. “OPEN UP!”
The elderly man tapped his foot impatiently. Of all the times to go down there-
The door slowly opened and Commander Jekyll limped out, his coat sleeve wet and eyes slightly red.
“What isn’t, Stanley?” Jekyll cleared his throat hoarsely.
“We got a signal! Sharp’s going to HIM!”
Jekyll stared blankly.
“Lead the way."
Warden Sharp kept his head held high as he placed one polished shoe in front of the other with each step he tok, the jeers and death threats from the encaged inmates did nothing to faze him; he had to keep his emotions hidden when HE was involved. He walked below two screens each displaying a black K in front of the white background.
K for KIRA.
Sharp nearly grit his teeth at the mere sight of the letter; it was a insult to th
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Father by TimeBoy08 Father :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 5 2 Top 5 Unlikeable Heroes by TimeBoy08 Top 5 Unlikeable Heroes :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 2 11 Uka Uka by TimeBoy08 Uka Uka :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 5 0 Dr Cortex by TimeBoy08 Dr Cortex :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 5 19


Determined to ensure his students can battle the released Kishin, Lord Death heard talk of a tournament where fighters across the world would do battle. Realising the potenional of one of his students coming out stronger, the Reaper sent the son of Medusa Gorgon, Crona, to prove his loyalty and put his strength to the limit. Crona only accepted at the insistence of his only friend Maka. Armed with his black blood and Demonsword Ragnarok, Crona journeyed from Death City to participate in what would be the fight of his life.
Shao Kahn fought with all his strength, but his end came by Crona's Black Blood piercing his chest before the Swordsman ended the Emperor of Outworld with a swift slash to the throat. After Ragnarok absorbed his soul, however, Crona felt a new sense of self confidence in himself and with the amount of souls taken from Shang Tsung, his strength increased as well. Returning to Death City, his mother Medusa attempted to manipulate him to rejoin her,
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The Magic War: Chapter Three
She was running through the burning woods, her chest aching with every breath she took. Energy blasts flew past her,  disintegrating every tree it hit. The voices grew louder and louder and she felt her fear increase..
You did this...

She took a glance behind-
Wing shot up in her bed, panting for breath. It took a moment to realise where she was; she in her bunker with her blaring alarm. Groaning to herself, she threw it at the wall where it shattered.
“Alright, alright, I hear ya…” she grumbled as she kicked her blankets off and grabbed her black leather jacket.  
“Big sis?” the orange haired 10 year old that shared the bedroom was already wide awake and looking at her sister with a look of confusion. “Why are you up already?”
“Eh?” Wing raised a eyebrow at Marlin. “Whadda-“
Then it hit her.
A h
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Imitation Krabs by TimeBoy08 Imitation Krabs :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 4 0 The Dollar by TimeBoy08 The Dollar :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 4 8 BG: Cake of Light by TimeBoy08 BG: Cake of Light :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 6 2 B- Day T17: The Fob Watch by TimeBoy08 B- Day T17: The Fob Watch :icontimeboy08:TimeBoy08 4 4
The Magic War: Chapter Two


WONDERLAND was created in the second of the ongoing ‘Magic War’ as a sanctuary for magical user to call home and train for the inevitable missions and fights that would conclude with either a chance to see another day or die. Although many other similar strongholds exist across the planet, WONDERLAND works independently to avoid any links to other strongholds being exposed. The name came from the infamous novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and because magical users can freely use what they consider makes them have any meaning in this world. When first formed, Wonderland was inhabited by eight hundred ‘magic folk’. 
Now it's down to a hundred.
It was hours after lights' out; not that anyone really cared unless they were on a mission. This was their home, they chose their bedtimes regardless of their comm
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Trying to Cook...Again by angelthewingedcat Trying to Cook...Again :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 19 91 Joker Mirror by Bryanzap Joker Mirror :iconbryanzap:Bryanzap 31 4 Daily Paint 2006# Flatypus by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2006# Flatypus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,663 291 The 3 Joker's Leto, Monaghan and Ledger by DigestingBat The 3 Joker's Leto, Monaghan and Ledger :icondigestingbat:DigestingBat 23 11 AT: Victoria's Platform (Version 1) by angelthewingedcat AT: Victoria's Platform (Version 1) :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 17 9 WKH: Wing's Stain Glass (Version 1) by angelthewingedcat WKH: Wing's Stain Glass (Version 1) :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 25 31 WKH: Sucy by angelthewingedcat WKH: Sucy :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 19 22
The Mystics History chapter 15
[Enter Three Kingdoms Theme Song]
Twilight Sparkle and her friends screamed wildly as they entered into the Book of Ages. As they landed on the ground, they came across the Ancient Land of Ma. They all entered it as they're ready to face it. They witnessed the land was in turmoil as Imperial Court argued with each other while civil war broke out between peasants, rebels, imperials, warriors, nobles, warlords, ministers and even the Emperor.
Stallion: Through the storm,
Through the darkness,
The once peaceful kingdom
Lost its Love and Harmony
Turn into grief despair
Virtue Dragon, Blade Dragoon and Warpath Temper prayed and bowed down before the altar as they make a vow of sworn brotherhood. They joined up with various brave and compassion warriors in journeying across the land to help troubled ponies.
Azure Phoenix stood on the Imperial Palace's entrance as he held his sword up high proudly as his Imperial Phoenix Army. His army cheered wildly and proudly. They all went from territory
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Possible Reviewer Self Oc/Avatar by angelthewingedcat Possible Reviewer Self Oc/Avatar :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 18 29 The Joker (DCEU Take 2) by MrUncleBingo The Joker (DCEU Take 2) :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 25 6 Sleeping Panther Cub Wing by angelthewingedcat Sleeping Panther Cub Wing :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 16 39 Wing's Kingdom Hearts: The Summoning Gems by angelthewingedcat Wing's Kingdom Hearts: The Summoning Gems :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 16 8 Human Oogie Boogie (Revamp) by SubukuNoJess Human Oogie Boogie (Revamp) :iconsubukunojess:SubukuNoJess 9 13 WKH: Lotte's Mermaid Form by angelthewingedcat WKH: Lotte's Mermaid Form :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 23 30 WKH BBS: Ruby's Sundress by angelthewingedcat WKH BBS: Ruby's Sundress :iconangelthewingedcat:angelthewingedcat 22 11
Angel and the Thief part 4
Chapter 4: The Song of A Large Ego
Two siblings, never to see each other again.
One locked away, the other free to return to his village.
A town not even batting an eye to their absence.
Instead, half the town laughed and drank in the nearest bar, the strong smell of alcohol reeking from them. Most there were either drinking to treat themselves after a long day of work or to just to forget about any troubles they may be facing. Saber barely resisted the urge to retch.
“So this is society...” she sighed in disappointment.
“Tell me about it.” Twilight sat near her, patting her purple furred dog Spike. “And my aunt wants me to make friends here?”
“Well, it’s not everyone who is bad here.” Saber said. “It’s just people like-”
A cup was slammed on the side table right near the huge armchair at the fireplace. The blond haired woman already knew who it was without looking while Twilight glanced over.
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So Broly is being rebooted? Can’t wait to see his new motivation. What’s next: Goku tickled him this time?
To save confusion; whilst Darkspace Emissary is being rebooted, I assure you Magic War is not; the next interlude is still in-development. So you do have something to look forward to.

Unless then, please check out the prologue to the rebooted Darkspace Emissary, which is a fan make of the Subspace Emissary. wish list for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Origin film.

1. When he becomes the Joker, no emo monologues.

2. No scarred smile.

That’s all.
PROLOGUE: The Experiment

In our world, cartoon characters are fiction, as are anime, video games and various movies. This follows throughout many universes.
But not the World of Trophies.
This world, created by the mischievous mind of Tet, was a reimagining of other universes combined into one. His own 'playground' so to say. But a playground is useless without toys. Tet went on to create trophies in the image of various characters; these trophies always maintained the original’s personality, likes and dislikes. They were all essentially the characters they were based on except for said character's backstory, memories and fates. They were friends and foes with the friends and foes of the 'originals' as a gift from Tet upon their creations. The creator explained it was a way to help his creations  find their place as hero or villain in this world. But what was the purpose in this world?
To fight.
Yes, within each trophy, there's a longing for the next battle, a chance to prove themselves. Bonding with one another was by all means acceptable- they had free will, after all- but when offered to battle and test their strength, how could they possibly resist?
The success of the first tournament ensured a second named ‘Melee‘ with a larger roster of both ‘heroes’ and ‘villains”. ‘Brawl’ was on its way and the Fighters were hard at work to prove themselves.
All expect for three.
But this is not a tale about combat. This is a tale about how the aforementioned “places” of the fighters world nearly brought a end to the World of the Trophies. A tale of rules broken, a tale of how the rules set in stone  warped the mindset of the three individuals enough to commit mutiny.
This is the tale of the Dark Space Emissary.
Eyeball was missing to begin with. For a week to be precise, Eyeball neglected to show up for training with newcomer Steven Universe. No one knew where he was, hence the leaflets floating across the sky. No one needed to grab one to recognise Eyballl’s red skin, black afro and ruby gem over her left eye. No one would ever grab one of this particular leaflets as blue lasers brunt them to a crisp. As the wind blew the burning leaflets across the sky, a giant silhouette of a pirate ship flew by, hidden well by  the clouds. The Buccaneer was unlike any other ship seen in the World of Trophies; the same could be side for inside.
A prison cell held five prisoners shackled to the wall. They didn’t look up as a blonde haired boy in greenish armour was strapped to the wall as well and left there by their captives. The brown burlap creatures stood outside the cell on guard. The sixth prisoner’s blue eyes were full of uncertainty as he looked towards his fellow cellmates.
“What..what’s going in here?” Ventus asked in worry. “Where..where are we?!”
“I-I-I wish we k-kknew.” Nitrous Brio stuttered, chains on his Frankenstein like bolts.
“Hey! You gonna let us go yet?!” one prisoner snapped her frustrations vocally, catching the attention of one of the “guards” outside. The prisoner had a rainbow colour schemed hairstyle with a matching gem on her chest and wore  a black apron-like outfit.
Bismuth!” snapped a elderly lombax in black and orange armour. Bismuth fell slient under Alister Azimuth’s stern glare. Clearing his throat, Alister looked towards the guards outside. “Tell your master that no matter what you do to us, we will never join you.”
“Then that in itself is a problem.” 
The guards didn’t react at all to the red hologram suddenly appearing in the middle of the room but the prisoners either glared or averted their eyes at the sight of it.
“You...” Alister glared.
Their kidnapper looked towards all of them, a calculating look in his eyes behind his glasses.
“Well, well...six.” he mused. “Not a magnification number. I was hoping for seven.” 
No one laughed at the joke. The kidnapper chuckled when Ven struggled again.
“Don’t bother, Ventus. You won’t escape.” he looked towards them all again. “Listen to me. The world of Brawl is coming to a end. Come tomorrow, I and my partners will take our rightful place as the supreme Fighters just as I should have been from the very beginning.
His eyes narrowed at the snort from the redhead in red armour.
“Yeah, right pal.” Klein scoffed arrogantly. “One thing you’re forgetting: villains lose.”
Rather then be angry like the young swordsman wanted, the kidnapper simply smiled his condescending smile.
“We all have a role to play. Even evil has its share of victories.” he said. “And even heroes can die.”
“W-what?!” Brio gasped. “B-b-but you can’t! D-death is-“
“Possible.” the kidnapper cut him off. “We already practiced it on...” he chuckled. “Eyeball was it?”
Silence. Pure silence. They all stared in silence, in pure disbelief.
Bismuth ended it with a yell of pure  anger and rage, shaking against her restraints.
“ CLOD!” the smallest prisoner seethed at her kidnapper, her eyes behind her visit glistening with tears that fell onto her green jumpsuit, her blonde hair matted. “You had no right! You had-“
“Every right.” the kidnapper interrupted Peridot without a single change of tone or facial expression. “It was a experiment after all, nobody missed her. But I can tell my word is exactly evidence.” he looked towards the most emotional out of the prisoners. “Perhaps a demonstration is in order.”
He signalled.
Klein caught himself before he could hit the ground when his shackles broke. He quickly grabbed his sword and glared at the guards. Bismuth and Ventus’ shackles also fell. Both picked themselves up, summoning their weapons as the guards walked into the room. All three of the fighters charged, fuelled by their own grief.
“You won’t take us alive!” Ventus yelled, shining his Keyblade towards the robots. Bismuth pushed him aside, full of rage, and morphed her hands in hammers that she used to smash one into the wall where it dissolved upon impact. Klein dodged the other and kicked it towards Ventus, who slashed it’s head off with a horizontal slash. Three more jumped down and fired from their rifles. Bismuth grabbed one effortlessly and crushed it with a flick of her hand. Ventus clashed with a rifle , trying desperately to push its owner back. His back hit Klein’s and the two ducked to avoid the two energy balls coming towards them; two of the guards were hit and staggered back, allowing  a opening for the  two swordsmen to slash them in half. With two yells, the guards discarded robes fell to the floor, two black fly like creatures  flying away in defeat.
“Oh yeah!” Ventus fist bumped his partner. 
Bismuth dusted her hands and turned towards the hologram, seething.
“You little..what gave you the right?!” she demanded. “We’re all the same!”
“Previous encounters proved your statement to be false.” Alister’s ears perked up hearing the cell door opened over the kidnapper’s words. “How many time have I been neglected, humiliated, insulted.”
His eyes narrowed behind his glasses.
“But now I am in control. I am the winner. And you...are the losers.”
From the darkness outside of the cell were three blue circular lights; the lights slowly glided  forwards into the cell, revealing them not to be lights but rather eyestalks of bronze pepper pot shaped tanks with spheres on the ‘skirt’ headlamps on the ‘head’. But the most bizarre features were the plunger shaped arms and egg whisker gun sticks.
“What the-“ Klein started.
To his left, Ventus fired a fireball to the tank on the left; the fireball hit a invisible shield.
“What?” Ventus exclaimed. “What are they?!”
Bismuth growled at the hologram, her last mistake. Three energy beams zapped all six legs of the three fighters, disabling their legs. As they fell over the agonising pain, the tanks’ eyestalks lowered to face them. The kidnapper looked Alister directly in the eye and the Lombax narrowed his eyes.
“If you dare-“
“Exterminate.” the kidnapper’s hologram vanished and at the same time, three sounds echoed across the ship: screams of horror, screams of pain and the energy blasts of the Daleks.
He stood back in the darkened room, surrounded by his precious computers. From one screen, he could see the lombax wailing in anguish at the sight of the deceased Fighters.  What a sight. He smiled to himself slightly. Still,  they put up more of a fight than Eyeball never did…
Oh, how he could remember how that pathetic gem screamed in pain when she was exterminated.  At least he got a army for her sacrifice; a army and a ship with a new captain. But it’s not just the Hoodlums they have now. Three sacrifices means three more recruits to the army.  
Recruits free from trophification, recruits from universes that can supply knowledge on certain Smashers. With this new knowledge, he could destroy every Fighter that stood in his way. Even Kirito.
His fist clenched at the memories of Melee; his first year as a newcomer. Beaten by the Black Swordsman in his first battle! HIS FIRST! 
He forced himself to calm down, thinking of what will be instead of what once was. His assistants in this world are in place. Right now, the scientist has his gang of mutants to lure the boy into a trap; the journal will be useful.
He will now win, he will rule this world, he will the ultimate Fighter.
Victory is within the grasp of Sugou Nobuyuki.

Darkspace Emissary Prologue
Yes, I’m redoing the Darkspace Emissary due to dissatisfaction with some casting choices and character exchanges.

This is basically the first interlude but reworded to act as the prologue. All characters belong to their respective owners. 

Read and Review.
Q&A involing Magic War and Darkspace Emissary. Please ask questiomsm and I’ll respond in comments 


United Kingdom


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