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~ preview Updated.
Basic Preview:…

Explorer Icons Included in download.
Wallpapers Included in downloaded.


I've not yet uploaded my task bar icons.

Part 1 & Part 2

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Please Ask before modifying my theme.
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Is there a way to stop it from changing my fonts? This is exactly what I am looking for, aside from the fact that it is making everything impossibly to read.
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Link download? nice theme
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does the theme have the window buttons on the left like in the first preview pic, or on the right like the second?
Nice theme, very creative
kindsboy's avatar
so beautiful...i think the preview thumbnail is not nice,exchange it for another one
David-Hacson-Xcess's avatar
S T U N N I N G!!! My absolute favorite! no theme can compare. thank you so much! keep up the good work.  
nrwsps's avatar
Very Cool, Thanks.
RozowyPA's avatar
<font><font>Proszę, give me your wallpaper <3</font></font>
Kubemono's avatar
I want your taskbar icon. :c
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Love this, really really love this. Just cannot get the taskbar icons like the screenshot... How or where do I get those as the icon package included in the download creates blank/no icons throughout explorer but the taskbar reverts to the default app icons, e.g. chrome  etc.
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Where did you got that picture of the "Bridge"?
In dire need of your fabulous taskbar icons :(
And also, what is the wallpaper on your desktop background? Care to share?
I got it to work, the problem was with the appearance settings. I had to enable shadows under windows or something like that. But I've experienced some weird interactions with skype where the toolbar is black and is repeated. Is that just me?
For some reason, any theme I try my window title bar stays the same black colour instead of going transparent like your preview. I think I replaced my explorerframe correctly since my navigation buttons have changed.
Here's a screenshot if anyone could help. [link]
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I see. Hm try taskmanager end explorerframe.dll and re run it.
Doesn't work, I've tried restarting as well. Can you tell me exactly where I'm supposed to place the 64bit explorerframe.dll just to make sure I did it right?
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you did it right if the navigation changed.
Hmm. Try this it should work for sure.

Get visual style builder run it and follow this picture:[link]
It didn't work =[.
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