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~ Raving ~

Icons Included in download.


Sorry For taking so long, Rendering took for ever.

Part 1 & Part 2


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- This is a mock up of Excluded.

--- Difference ------

- Progress Bar and Scroll bar and Other bars have been modified to fit the skin.
- Task bar and Program List have been modified.
- Icons to suit the theme.
- Overall Better Visualization In my opinion.
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Make a dark version

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Hi bro ! Nice set up ! I really like your VS ! I just have two questions :

1) Is there  anyway to avoid that chrome looks like that :…
2) Can I take your screenshot and use it for my blog which speak about customisation (of course with credits and so on...)

Best regards :) !
Hi this is an awesome theme and i love it so much.

However i encountered some problem here. The custom ExplorerFrame.dll doesn't take effect after applying it. 
I knew I apply it correctly because I got none of the explorer.exe crash error upon startup. 

I'm on Windows 7 x64 and I tried both UXTheme Multi-Patcher and Universal Theme Patcher neither of them make the navigation icon changed.
Please advise.
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I need this in my Metro group. Request sent!
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Any chance for updating for Windows 8? :)
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your explorerframe x64 doesnt work..could you fix it please??
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Use the 32 bit version. I used that one and it worked on my computer which is 64 bit
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Very nice but Chrome looks like crap with it :(
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One of the best looking VS I've seen:D Love it! I wish I could change the green colour that you use to a dark blue instead.
So nice... :)
Downloading now! Thanx!
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Very good,Wallpaper landlord can share with you?
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Its included in the download.
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Hey. Can you share the nice wallpaper or give me a link? Thanks.
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The wallpaper is included in the download,
i believe its raving --> theme --> (themefolder) --> wall
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I noticed your previews always show choppy tooltip font text. Is it a real render problem or is it your preview? Rather not install if it's choppy, I saw the same issue with your post of Excluded 2.0. Just curious. :peace:
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It's preview, the font it self is amazing and has no problem.
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Thanks for the prompt response mate! Definitely going to try.
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No problem, well hope you like it.
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Is there an issue with notification windows (such as having a messaging application open and someone sending you a message)? In a normal Win7 environment, a chat window would flash orange to notify me of a new message from someone however when using this theme I do not get any sort of notification of any color or style. Is this a problem on my machine or something with the theme? Thanks.
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No it's the theme you will not see it flash because all the colours are the same for task bar.
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Hey I appreciate the information! Do you know where about via Win7 Style Builder I can change that? The theme is perfect except for that one bit. I use it at work and we use Microsoft Communicator so it's somewhat essential for me to be able to see notifications. I'm assuming it's somewhere under "Taskbar & System Tray"? If you could elaborate that would be awesome.
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I am sorry for the late response, I've been so busy.
So it Taskbar & System Tray --> TaskBand --> Basic --> TaskBand --> TaskItemButton --> Flash Button.

I think that's what you're looking for.
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