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Excluded V2.0

~Exclude V2.0~

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---- INSTRUCTIONS ---------
1. Download from right panel ---->
2. Extract on desktop -- Copy the files from theme folder to (c:windows-->resources-->themes(paste them there))
3. Get explorer x32 and x64 paste them in your sys32 and sys64 folder (Recommend go on youtube check video if new)
4. Hmm Idk .. I think your done?
5. Oh no.. Get the icons Above if you want and download them (Run Iconpackager --> Install Icons --> Apply Icons)
6. DONE.

- New explorer frame
- New Icons Size/Font
- Updated Taskbar (Clock hover/Tray Icon Notif Hover/Start menu Hover)
- Better Skinning :PP (Last one was LAMEEE)

Hope you guys enjoy the new Theme:)
© 2013 - 2021 Time2Keep
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Good Theme Brother,

I congratulate you
NiggersInSpace's avatar
Disregard my previous post, figured it out. I have another problem though, is tehre a way to make the main title bar thicker? When i change it in colours and appearance, it just adds more white space instead of extending the grey part like i want it to.
NiggersInSpace's avatar
Having issues with this, when I switch to the theme the taskbar is on high contrast white instead of the actual theme. Any ideas on how to fix?
David-Hacson-Xcess's avatar
Hi, I'm kinda new to this, so I have one little question; What are the x32 and x64 files for and where is/are the foler(s) I am supposed to move them to?
i dont know how install in my window 7 :( 

help me :C
Smax4455's avatar
We want Startorb file!
where is the startorb file??
IIJu7II's avatar
Your Win7 theme is awesome!
Unfortunately when I install it, the start menu button is still the old windows button.
Also the application launchers in the startbar are not centered and do not look like win8 icons.

That's a pity, cos it makes the theme look really inconsistent :(
I hope you can help me, because I'd love to use your theme. It's amazing...
Time2Keep's avatar
Lol. To change the start orb. I am sure you already know start orb changer exists if not you can download if from here: [link]
And to center the application on the taskbar you can check out this tut.
Hope this helps.
Qlimax1975's avatar
Any news for windows 8? Thx!
ganknevets's avatar
Cool minimalistic vs. Never seen you before, time to make sure I don't miss another devi from you. :highfive: :+devwatch: :+fav: :peace:
Lontuku's avatar
What a beautiful theme (L)
wilkmn's avatar
I re-formatted my Windows 7, ran Universal Theme Patcher on Windows 7 X64.
Downloaded this theme pack, .RAR -file. Extracted the files on my desktop, copy pasted Excluded -folder and + Excluded.theme from Theme -folder to Resources->Themes.
I renamed my original ExplorerFrame.dll and copy pasted it into safety and then replaced with X64 ExplorerFrame.dll from the folder.

When activated the Theme, everything worked perfectly except when I restarted - I got an explorer.exe crash report. Saying that it crashed and gave me 0xc000007b error.

Anyone had this same problem and would like to help me? I literally did everything technically correct. Fucking computers... .______."
wilkmn's avatar
I'm no longer getting this explorer.exe crash and that error code when using ExplorerFrame.dll from X32 folder.

But this is how it looks now.
Time2Keep's avatar
The reason it looks like that is because the universal-Theme-Patch didn't patch the systems dll files correctly. Re-patch and try theme it should work.
wilkmn's avatar
What about that error? It's about UTP didn't patch dll files correctly and I just need to re-do it as many times as the error pops up?
Time2Keep's avatar
the error is caused by the explorer.dll, I recommend you try a different themes dll.
saifulkader's avatar
great. truly awesome...
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
Truly lovely skin, wonderful work man :)
Cerbii's avatar
This reminds me of a inverted Thrives (which is really nothing bad)
I like the sharp edges and that it still looks really clean and somewhat soft.
Nice work :)
AmuChi12's avatar
Hermoso Tema !!!
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