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1.Post ALL the rules! Crying Stupid Me! 
2. Each person has to to share 13 things about themselves!
3. Chose 13 peeps and questions 
4.Can't say you don't do tags
5.Tag- backs are allowed! 
6.You must Do an Journal entry! No questions! Unless it's about the entry!
7.finish within the week! Or else you have to do Everything le creator says! 
8. Be creative! Do not say you're tagged in the title! You can in the description!

Questions: I accidentally did this part anyways so might as well keep it
1: Fandoms?
  MLP, Whoovian,and Otaku 

It is the void in which almost everyone wants, but lots of people can't achieve fast enough for death

3: What anime have you seen?
Death Note, Blue Extorist, Food Wars, and 111 more

4: Pokemon Sun or Moon?
I have no Idea

5: Who will you choose as you starter in Sun or Moon?
I don't play pokemon games

6: LunaX Sombra or Crystalis X Sombra?
Crystalis X Sombra is fine I guess

7: Celestia or Luna?
Most people like Luna and all, but really I'm a Celestia Fan

8: Dovewing, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, or Jayfeather?
Hollyleaf I guess I hardly read like 10 books out of Warriors


10: Fav. cookie?
Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies from a certain store, they taste like brownies

11: You have a phone?

12: Fav. video game?
Sims is awsome

13: Fav. show?
Who Knows

1. Have you ever watched Avatar the Last Airbender? 
The Movie or the Show? I watched most of the tv series

2. Are you or have you ever been afraid of the dark?
I was scared of the dark when I was little... I think I suffocated under that blanket

3. Smartphone or dumbphone? (anything that isn't a 4th generation phone is a dumbphone to me, for reference)
IPhone 6

4. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone?

5. Favorite meme?
No Not really

6. Favorite book?
Hatchet Maybie... does manga count

7. Have you seen any anime?
I'm going to officaly watch 133 by the end of the summer

8. Have you seen RWBY? If so, what's your favorite opener song?
Nope Never Got to it

9. Deadpool or Deathstroke?
I've seen some pictures of the character but I never knew what it was

10. Cake or cookies?

11. Paper or plastic?

12. Pets?
2 Cats

13. Are you tired of filling this out yet?
It took me 2 hours and now I'm going to finish An Anime called *Sukisho* So yeah I never want to type this many words again


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Clock Heart
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OC: Clock Heart
favorite mlp character: doctor whooves


Doctor Whoz~


website for making art online free! where I make all my art


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