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all time
today laughs,
a jester at play ... tic-toc.


is the 'morrow, just clock talk ...
tic-toc morphs:
no time.

I tried something new (again :lol:)! This is a form developed by =mrnakes called speculum, which is latin for 'mirror'. You can find the tutorial here: enfolded speculum tutorial <---click et, you know you want to try this ... :D

TW :dance:
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Blueskye27's avatar
Very nicely done. I'm going to have to check out all of his new forms.
time-warrior's avatar
Thank you, Cindy. I can't wait to see what you do with these interesting and creative forms. :dance:

TW :peace:
SenoritaRin's avatar
How playful! I love it! :D
time-warrior's avatar
:D Cool! I was worried it didn't make sense. :w00t:

Thank you. :hug:

TW :peace:
haijinik's avatar
cools! i wondered if you were gonna post it!!
time-warrior's avatar
:D Thank you! I appreciate ya. This was fun. :nod:

TW :peace:
hallv5's avatar
Neatly done! To me a play on the old adage that tomorrow never comes... =D
time-warrior's avatar
:nod: That's it exactly. Thank you, Vern, I'm glad it made sense. :dance:

TW :peace:
PrettyCrazy's avatar
All right! Well done on the form!

Now you'll just need to do a collaboration on it...
time-warrior's avatar
Cool! Thank you very much, appreciate that. :nod:

Well, if anyone would like to collaborate on this, it would be awesome by me. :D

TW :peace:
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