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Zombie Nymph ...

Just having a bit of fun after a fractal I was working on crashed and burned ... but what can ya do when it's your own darn fault for not saving as ya go ... yeah you make a photomanip of course. :D

Here are a few Zombie songs (all different flavors):

[link] - a parody, :lmao:
[link] -my personal favorite, :D

Stock used:

by ~Chonastock

and a texture Texture___2_by_Adaae_stock which I can't find in my favs or in search but when I do I will update with links. ^^

the rest is from fractals I've made etc. hope you enjoy the madness :zombie: :giggle:

psC ==time-warrior ... :D
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This beautiful image is featured in my latest journal [link] , it is awesome! :heart:
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This looks very tribal with the textures, it's awesome.
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Cool! Thank you so much, I appreciate the lovely comment. :nod: :dance:
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I fell your pain I had over 10,000 photographs on my computer, some of my best work has been in the last two months and I stupidly didn't save those.I lost them when I had to restore my computer. I was just sick about it
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Oh man, ouch! I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. :hug: Yeah it is so devastating to lose work you've put a lot of time and effort into. I cope by working harder and making more ... music helps too, dunno why. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate ya! :D
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How did I not notice this one before!? I absolutely love this! It is beyond awesome!!! :heart: :dalove: I could totally see this as album art for Rob Zombie or somebody of his spooky nature. lol I really like the texuring and the Tye dye effect!! So cool!! :dance:
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Thank you so much! I appreciate it muchly.:hug:
I think it might be too different and people don't know what to make of it. :giggle: Still I like it. :nod:
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Braaaaiiiinnssss.... oh wait.. I still have mine! *runs away*
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heehee ... run, Forrest run! You are such nut. I love it! Thanks for commenting on my silliness, 'ppreciate the kindness muchly. :nod:
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Haha your quite welcome! This brain o' mine is still functional! And notice how I didn't put in "Fully functional!" Ha probably give that zombie a stomach ache! :D
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Thats an interesting montage, the green is nice, gives it that retro throwback feel.
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Cool! thank you. :D
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