What is forever ...

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forever is something done did,
never to be undone ...
maybe forgotten, but a happened.

(perhaps even a continued,
'til death has erased us ...
a dust thing.)

a story--still lingering,
written or unwritten,
simple moments in time ...

of I love you,

love you,


... :faint: lol, I is so romantical. :B :heart:

I can't get this right. :sniff: Ah well ... maybe later.

TW :peace:

*:giggle: don't you love the sub-category: Free & Blank ...

is it really free and if you leave it blank can you submit it? :/

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I'm going to submit something to free and blank now :D
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:w00t: Hurry why it's still free. :slow:<--me
TW :peace:
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Forever is eternity! True fact! :giggle:

Beautiful poem though! :)
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what is a fact ... truth or the perception of truth, hm, I must ponder. :giggle: I can't help it my mind is going in circles today ... fact! :nod: ;)

Thanks, John, I appreciate the kindness of your support. :hug:

TW :peace:
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Haha my mind is like a maze sometimes, only there isn't any cheese at the end.... which is too bad because I love cheese! :noes:

and yer welcome as always! =p :hug:
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:ohnoes: Oh noes, a maze with no reward, eep! Here has some: :cheese: and a :cookie:, some :cake:, maybe a apple-pear :pie:... ^^

TW :peace:
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OMG AN APPLE PEAR PIE!? I havn't tried that one yet......... I MUST MAKE! :onfire:
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Thank you, you are too kind, but I appreciate it. :nod:


TW :peace:
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