There is Love Here...

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There is Love Here...(the fight)

Pathetic dreamer! Wake-up,
live in the "real world".
I am dismissed.
Words between us stop.
Eclipsed by pain, betrayed,
I'm afraid to breathe.
I hear the darkness.
Your voice!
I hate words.
threaten this…
muddle that.
Words tell...
lies. Words kill.


Passion whispers,
don’t be a fool.
Live…feel it, mean it!
Control the words,
own them, use the heat,
the fire.
Words intensely mine
burn white-hot
my soul lives
Dreamer, yes I am!
alive in the "real" world...
there is Love here...
bitterness goes to ash
and is caught away.
I don't know what this is really. I apologize in advance, but it was something I couldn't get rid of---so I wrote it down. It's from a dream I had. You know the kind of dream that doesn't really make sense, but has a basis in a reality you thought was past. The phrase "you need to live in the real world" has been a part of my life since I was very young or "earth to..." well you get the's a struggle I've had so long I think I'm just tired of justifying who I am---A Dreamer. :shrug:
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Christiania-unica's avatar
I love your style .. powerful with such an impact.. love your writing
SenoritaRin's avatar
this is have a way with words ;D lol
i really identify with this :3 love it!
time-warrior's avatar
:dance: Thank you for these very kind words, I appreciate it so much. :)
Twin-Kamon's avatar
Wow, that's a really impressive poem. Your phrasing and use of powerful adjectives really give this poem a strong emotional feel. Very well done. :thumbsup:

I apologize if I haven't used the proper terms. I'm not all that familiar with poetic lingo. ^^;
time-warrior's avatar
Lingo-shmingo. (there's word for ya) :lol:

I'm just glad you liked it! :nod: Thank you, so very much, for the kind words. :D
Twin-Kamon's avatar
That's one interesting word. I'll have to remember it for later use. :D

And you're very welcome. I greatly enjoy your work. :)
Shiroi-Tombo's avatar
Wow! I like, I like:D
time-warrior's avatar
Thank you so much. :)
Shiroi-Tombo's avatar
You're very welcome:D
Jennie-Wolf's avatar
Awesome! I love it. :+favlove:
time-warrior's avatar
:aww: Thank you, you are very kind. :)
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