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More pages coming for The Great Curator comic coming soon!!
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Check out my debut on the Spacebook YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/YAjSoDzJ5eY
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TARDIS Vworp Drive Actuators: These devices are the vortex warp drive field generators, that work in conjunction with the console, and wormhole refractors to generate the field that surrounds the outer shell and propels the TARDIS thru the Vortex, and spacetime. In Star Trek Terms, the Vworp Drive Actuators are the equivalent of the Warp Drive Nacelles. The difference here is Vworp Drive is a gravitic based space warping system, instead of Anti-matter/matter reaction warping fields. A gravitic drive can warp local space time itself even without access to the Time Vortex. It could locally affect time. The Transpower drive system is the time travel tech for the drive, and the reactor and power systems are pretty simple relatively, from there on. Still, we are talking about very powerful drives, powerful enough to create a negative mass graviton field around the Earth, while using rift energy to fuel it's being hauled by the TARDIS back to it's original orbit in mere seconds. These
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Thanks for adding "Tommy Intro" to your collection.

Hey Time Lord Rassion,

Just discovered this website by a guy called Matthew Clark. His worked on Doctor Who - Series 9 and 10, as well as modern episodes of 'Red Dwarf'.

As I know your working on the creation of a Tardis Manual, I thought I'd share this site with you, as it features Matthew's cover for such manual, made for Series 9's 'Hell Bent'.

You just need to scroll downwards and it's there, red-ish cover, with Circular Gallifreyan on the front.


Any updates on the TARDIS Manual book? I have fallen in love with it and simply must get my hands on it.

More is coming. summer time is my busiest so I’ve had to hold on work. But coming this fall I’ll be starting back up again and hopefully get to finally finishing the book.

:) Welcome back Time Lord Rassilon. Been wondering about you lately, as I had noticed what must have been a 3 month absense from this site. No doubt you have your reasons. Take care B-)

thank you. Summer time is the busiest time for me. But come the fall, I’ll be working on the Master schematics once more. Stay tuned!

:) Your very welcome.