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Life is fascinating :icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Lost Thoughts In 3D by Time-Lapse Lost Thoughts In 3D :icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Faster Then This Car Can Crash
My mind is flying faster then this car can crash
Romance is breaking my heart in two
Never mind the stain on the wall that seems
To change faster then the spite
Twisting its self into something
It never wanted to be
Dropping ever so slowly onto the floor it’s
Spores seem to love me more
Claiming each room as it passes by
The spores claim my mind
Eating it slowly away
And just as slowly, I’m losing myself
As my car screams though the road
I forget what it was, that kept me here
As the car compresses
So do I, into a simpler, kinder life
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Tardis and the ddoctor model by Time-Lapse Tardis and the ddoctor model :icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Not another Love poem
Not another sad poem about lost love
Misplaced hope, trust
Not another longing to find the one
Just no more.
"I will fight no more I will fight no more forever"
Words of a man
Of a soul not unlike my own
Lost in a world that no longer makes sense
Sitting on cold cement
Watching the cars go hither and thither
Like my thoughts
Winding around the bend
Sleep-ish-ly waiting for the destination
Steering towards the future
And life will be better when I get theres
So we plug on
Never stopping never waiting
For that second
That moment
Let it pass on by
The cars zoom by my parking lot
I just let them go
I just sit and speculate
About all the parked cars of this world
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 1
A Girl A Simple Crush A Distra
I just wasn't
I wasn't going to say anything
Class should have ended five Minutes ago
Looking at my watch, 1:35 pm
If I asked
That maybe she would say yes
I will sit content
I wont
Thinking that today I would ask her
I draw scribbles on my paper
In my mind I have asked her out a thousand times
Never got a response
My break from reality
A simple crush a distraction
Who brings knitting needles to class anyways?
Watching her knitting needles dance in there own austerity
Every word she says makes me want to know her even more
Questioning the teachers viewpoints
Hearing her voice stating her opinions
Sitting as close as I can
Fighting the idea of failure
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Fire that burns so cold
Last year I found myself
            Wondering the lamp lit streets
             I ran into the girl
Who lit a fire in my mind
Fire that burns so cold
            I can feel it eating at my skin
            A nameless pain that numbs away
At this concept that connects her to me
And it burns so cold
            Remembering that it's not what I feel
            It was hers not mine
A heart that beats and heats a fire that numbs
The posters on the wall
            Men that she claims mean nothing
            They just sit and tell a truth
That I could only borrow her heart
It would never be wholly mine
             So I left the apartment
             And the girl
Who lit a fire in my mind
So that she could find
             The boy who could claim
             Her heart, her fire
The fire that burns so cold.
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 4
Jane offers no sympathy
Jane offers no sympathy
To the dust, the dirt
The boxes that fill the attic
To the shadows that dart through
Cut by the light
The light that gleamed off the mirror
Jane sat in thought
Her long brown hair covered her face
Covered her blue eyes
Dust covered the floor but she never seems to mind
I stand next to the old tattered window
Its pane chipping from old memories
Of a harder life
My eyes are not on the window
They are fixed
On the moon
Shadowed by the earth
Never showing its full worth   
Yet can still light our night
I hear Jane's footsteps behind me coming closer
I feel her arm around me
I never told her that
She made me feel safe
A smile crept on Jane's face
As she turned her eyes to the moon
A silent whisper, a silent prayer
A silent memory
I can see her pain chipping
From old memories
Of a harder life
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Know what sucks
Is that I don't care
About rainbows
The things that she
Thinks are beautiful
To her "The miracle of life."
Me, I'm slamming my head
Against the pavement
Until my warmth pours out
The fact is I don't care
About rainbows, small churches, the countryside
It kills me that I don't
Because she does
I can see it in her eyes
Her excitement
That's why I came
Not to see some rainbow
But to see her
Her excitement
It's like taking that gasp of air
After almost drowning
I inhale her excitement
No wait I gasp for it
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 1 1
A SmileIsWorthNothingButPain
I see the light refection off her eyes
Making them seem afire
As the light wakes her from somewhere
In her dreams
Her smile, whiter then the winter snow
Could ever hope for  
At that moment, I loved her again
Even if she forget to close the blinds
Like she forgot me last night
She just wanted yogurt with Granola
Perhaps strawberry
I never told her that I almost left last night
After taking gin and tonic out for a date
I knew she was in there somewhere
But between the words and the anger
I seemed to lose her.
I forgot
About mornings
Some people say
A smile is worth a thousand frowns, Bullshit
A smile is worth nothing
But pain.
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Drinking Tea is Insane
Drinking tea my mind slips
Outside my bedroom a dove eats a worm alive
And no one wants to question it
My tea swirls at the bottom
Makes comments on my life
How to improve to make better friends
Possibly a girlfriend
Possibly not
With out thinking I drop my cup
It shatters into a million friends
Outside I can hear the worms scream
The dove got another one
Soon it will come
The tea gathers on the floor
It yells, screams and implores
I grab a cloth
Silenced the voices
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 0
Lost to Soda
Long translucent, to a thirsty boy
Soda is the world, I twisted off the orange lid
As if it had a right to be orange
But what did I care, I'm thirsty
The soda plunged down
Into my inner being
So deep that I could not retrieve it
Or at lest not right now
I catch the words
Under the orange cap
They read "sorry please try again"
Sorry? I did not even know I was trying
I sat and thought
On how a green soda
Could take something away
Then asked if it could do it Again
All I wanted
Was to quench my thirst
But somehow
I lost something
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 2
The Poem About 'Our Love'...
Here it is, the poem
The one you asked for
"Write a poem about us
About out love" Here it is
A broken bottle
Its edge long and sharp
Desire to touch it
Inside trapped water
Then you, Jane
Picked it up
Freed the water onto the cold sidewalk
You kept the bottle
In a way you saved it form the trash
From the rest of this world
Lost in a pile
You saved it
Jane you asked me
To write about our love
But what is this love you asked
Me to write about
Our love is not
En eye of the storm
A winter rose
Or any other cliché everyone else has
Our love is a broken bottle
The one you refused
To throw away
Bottle with the sharp edge
That no one else
Wanted to touch
Jane I wrote this poem
But you saved it
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 1 1
It Just A Small Affair.
My words
                             on an empty page.
They mean more and more each day
                  I just can't deny
The world has changed
                    A long
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 1 6
Forgotten Voices
Just don't
                 Whisper, quiet voices
Leak~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ through walls
Falling ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------on the floor
Soaking______________________________________________________________ in the tile
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 2
Mouth full of air
Confused yet?                       ...                 ...          
My          words                 do        not    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ flow.
I'm just sitting -----------------------------------> here.
                     With A Mouth        full       of       Air.   
Questioning the questions
That led me --------------
:icontime-lapse:Time-Lapse 0 5

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Voice -poem
Like writing on a wall,
Makes me want to realize that I had it all.
But your mesmerizing voice,
Makes me fall over and over again.
I'm stuck.
Like super glue to porcelain,
Like a broken record playing,
Like siamese twins,
Like a poster, to tape, to a wall-
Like hair to your head.
All those times I acted like a fool,
You never did seem to get my game.
Why must your presence torment me so?
Your face I see every day.
I really should be focused on my studies.
I've moved on in other ways, I know you have too.
I should have known better.
They say your first love leaves a tender scar.
"Love is the slowest form of suicide."
Wake up, get a grip.
When did I last let my heart rip?
You aren't worth the trouble,
Heartbreak is in my eyes alone.
"The only man who is worth your tears won't make you cry"
Love is stupid
Love is a curse
Love is a thing that makes your life worse.
One day she sat, alone in her room..
Consumed by fear, griven by gloom.
That day she decided to end her life,
With a bo
:iconfroggiegirl:FroggieGirl 2 5
Fallen Soul.
I fall down.
Do you pick me up?
I lie there.
Do you even know I'm alive?
I reach out for you.
Do you pay attention?
I struggle.
Do you see my chest heaving?
I stop breathing.
Do you notice my lips are pale?
I die.
Did you even care?
:iconfroggiegirl:FroggieGirl 2 7
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Andrew Forgotten Poet
United States
Current Residence: Lost in my own Soul.
Favourite genre of music: Indy, Alt-Rock and Emo
Personal Quote: I've done some things that I want to forget but I can't.
So i haven't benn on for ages! Well I am back and will be for a long time my freinds, only real freinds.


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