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Tony Sark : I am IronMan

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Here is me as Tony stark, I shaved the "stark" Goatee swooshes off cause I cut one side shorter by accident trying to trim it lol.
It will be right in time for Halloween. What do yall think?
I made the Arc Reactor/Chest RT and I am diggin being Stark :)

I had to photoshop out my Tattoo lol. I will use some form
of cover up come Halloween time.

You can purchase my Arc Reactors Here [link] for a limited time
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wow you look awsome
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Wow I don't know who makes the better iron man XD
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can i buy that helmet?
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i love the arc reactor! it looks absolutley amzing
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that is the most realistic reactor i have seen yet
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you are one attractive man, I must say.
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In my opinion, this is one of the best cosplay of Tony Stark that I've seen so far :)
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Great Job!!! The RT is awesome!! and the pose is perfect!!
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Why are you so awesome?
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They are still doing tests to figure it out.
The doctors think its something to do with
a newly discovered gland that secretes pure

lol J/K I didn't know that I was
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Oh, you totally are. TOTES MAH GOATS!
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totes mah gotes? lol
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I may have seen I Love You, Man a few too many times. My nerd is showing. :P
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You're a great cosplayer of Tony Stark. I loved Robert Downey Jr. as Stark but you would've been a GREAT actor for him too. <3
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Ha, thanks very much. Maybe when Downey retires lol.
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No problem. ^^

And I don't think he plans on retiring any time soon. I wouldn't if I were him, haha.
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Jeez you're a really hot looking Ironman! And I love the arc reactor, absolutely perfect!
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ha, Thanks very much!
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This is really cool XD thanks for the tutorial for the arc reactor! Will try to made one :P
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