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Here is a BAD ASS Rorschach. I did not make it but got the chance to wear it. It was awesome.
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<333333333333 so cute >w<
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I was just scrolling the Watchmen fanart and saw this. My first thought was; "Oh that must be a Rory action figure"
When I read it was a cosplay, I flipped.
I wish there were more pictures, this is soo sweet!
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That is most excellent! Fantastic attention to detail, and you wear it well. :)
i want one of those coats so bad haha any idea what brand or where i could get a decently priced one?
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thrift stores and luck. Its a london Fog this one.
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Nice job on it.:) Do you plan to wear it on Halloween?
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Thanks, nope, Ironman
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Plan on doing my own rorschach. Thought it would be cool, until I saw your Iron Man costume. Very accurate costume, usually I'll see the pants the same color as the trench. Also loving the gloves. You've gave me inspiration.
Seriously you should be on
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Thanks!! ha I am on Same name as here.
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Awesome, though I barely log on cosplay
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That is awesome! :O
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That must have been an incredible opportunity. It looks amazingly accurate. I bet there were sugar cubes in the coat pocket.
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lol no this thing was HOT as HELL. Felt like I was going to die in it.
Still looked really awesome. Nope no sugar cubes :(
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you are very welcome~
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Cool costume. Rorschach rocks.
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You're welcome.
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Rockin' costume!
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