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Justice League Movie Manip WIP

Here is a Justice League Manip I am working on. Two of the characters, HawkGirl and Wonderwoman were made by another Artist who goes by JMC. He is awesome. Martian Manhunter is a HUGE work in progress. I want him to resemble the "New Frontier" version but not look too aggressive. He is a place holder for now as is the background. I am VERY happy with GL and may tweak Aquaman here and there but I like him too.
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can you do a sebastian stan captain america manip?
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Now if you had all 8 here
Shame Routh is the Superman here. Not familiar w/ the guy in the GL suit. Good work all over.
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cool u truly r a thing of beauty
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I really really like your take on Wonder Woman's armor, it turned out great!
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Love the Manhunter interpretation. AND the alterations on Routh's outfit. He actually LOOKS like Superman now!
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i love it! maybe superman's costume is too bright compared to my opinion
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Yea, I have heard that a few times, but In my opinion,
he has to be brighter than the others. He needs to stand
out. Ya know. He is the leader, and the one they look
up to and he has to appear a bit cartoony.
At frist the folks at Warner said that the Justice League movie would be come out in 2013!! But now saying about 2016 maybe!!
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is it just me or does Aqua Man actually look SEXY as an actual person. :3
i dont like this at all.
TimDrakeRobin's avatar
sorry to dissapoint
omg is that martian manhunter?
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Awesomeness is in play.
Well you got Green lantern right LOL. <3 this.
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when i looked at this for the first
time i thought wonder woman had
batman on a leash.. lol
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Aquaman i dont like, wonder woman, and hawkgirl i like, kind of like green lantern.
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