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Ironman Arc Reactor Chest RT

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OK, here is my second go at the Mark 1 Arc Reactor or Chest RT as it is called in the film. Took me over 12 hours total. It is exactly 4" in diameter to the outer ring, just like the movie worn prop. It is only 1/4" thick just like the movie prop. It has 11 super bright SMD LEDs and is powered by a 9v battery. I want to internalize the power source but have to study electronics more before I can. The vent holes are not entirely accurate as they should be rounded and not rectangles, but my hand is not steady enough with an exacto knife and I don't have the patience for all those cuts. The coiled rings are not to my liking either, I will be fixing the hole center section as soon as I can. As of now though I am happy and content with it. You can purchase my Arc Reactors Here [link] for a limited time

Also here is a video of the Arc Reactor/Chest RT
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Would you still have an arc reactor  t sell?
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Are you selling?
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After you made those cuts, perhaps a small rounded file would help with the vent holes?  Just an idea.  But it does look badass, and I doubt anyone would really notice.
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How How did you make it.................And you‘re handsome!
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Just buy "iGLOW!" app in APP STORE! it's only $1.99, has ironman 1 & 2 and other images! Glows under your shirt!

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This is great work!! may I ask how you attached the arc reactor on your chest? Are those magnets? Thanks!
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What tools and materials did you use to create the Arc Reactor???
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This is awesome. What tools and materials did you use to make the arc reactor?
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This is awesome. What materials did you use to make the arc reactor?
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realy cool ö_ö
easy version but very cool.

I'm about to make my arc reactor, but its....yeah
looks like the reactor but don't work XDDD
*to silly for electric...things*
the LEDs dont glow in the whole circle :/
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Awesome awesome awesome awesome handsome awesome.
I have nothing else to say.

I remember when I had to make a circuit (I don't know if that's how you call it, when you have to connect wires to a battery and make a light bulb shine xP) at school and I could never make it work :/ xP
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lol thanks very much
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Oh my god, how is this possible ? 12 HOURS only ?! God... Really really great job !
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You're a genius man
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Very great results. What did you use for the metal plate backing (pic on top, far right)? I've heard that metal gum/candy tins are very popular because of their shallow depth.
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Yea I wouldn't use those. Too small in diameter. This is a stamped piece of metal
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Can't go wrong with custom. Are the small sheets of metal you were able to cut with an exacto knife something easily purchasable? Metal that easy to work with would be nice. I don't like having to resort to high-tech dremels and saws if I don't have to. And a lot of the how-tos for reactors on Inscrutables insist on laser machine cutting.
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No it's a fairly thick metal has to be pressure stamped not cut
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Sorry, I meant for the vent cover piece you cut the small holes out of. Was it just thin sheet aluminum? Anything I could purchase at a hardware store?
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Oh sorry I didn't understand. No that was custom sculpted and cast in resin
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can you post some more detailed pics of your phantom gun belt? i can't find many reference shots of any from the film nor good ones from the old serial or australia's replica costume. and that one is a two piece one anyway. one guy posted one which was pretty helpful on a forum but yours looked better.
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ur the man, i got some test gear off amazon to sorta feel out where i wanna go w/ the modernizing, im throwin up a WIP for now but i'll eventually have to stitch a custom cowl, or go full hood still playin.
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sorry for this being under the wrong pic i thought i clicked the phantom costume link.
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