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Our Nightmare (Chapter 9)The week that passes by is both infuriating and nerve-wracking for Sally.Really, she only has herself to blame for not asking Jack already. The night she returned from the abandoned sewing shop would've been the perfect opportunity to ask about becoming the town's new seamstress - secluded in the private walls of her home with her lover, in a comforting embrace where nothing bad would transpire...but her shy nature forced her to fall silent. She was sure she'd feel more confident the next day - to march straight to her skeleton man and ask for something she dearly wanted - only to get that nervous swelling in her leaves again the moment she would even think of asking him.She figured it was because of her not-so-successful past with asking for things from the Doctor. She was either ridiculed or scolded by him for asking for anything more than she already had. Because of that, she grew the habit of taking things instead of asking for them, or not saying anything at all - neither of which she wanted to do with Jack. She can't do this on her own, and she doesn’t want to keep her feelings a secret from him anymore. She is in a more honest relationship now - and the last thing she wants is to keep anything from him.The ragdoll twists her fingers around as she contemplates these thoughts.  'This feels strange, and scary. Why do I feel so...nervous, and intimidated when he's around?'Her thoughts continue like this for hours. She spends a few nights of restless tossing and turning before coming to a conclusion - she’ll have to wait until the right time. Whenever she feels...confident enough to ask this from him. Where she can swallow down her shyness and allow herself to actually want something for once. She hopes this time will come soon. It is terrible having to struggle with something like this while Jack’s around, and to not say a single thing about it to his face makes her feel...cold, and lonesome.----She spends more of her time outside than usual. Since she’s been nervous every time she is around her beloved lately, she decides to make more trips outside to try and clear her mind, as well as her nerves. Her walks help soothe her, and sometimes she’ll speak with her friends. It feels easy to talk with them and goes much smoother than her conversations have been with Jack as of late. The band especially does wonders with helping calm her down.Today, she’d spent some time on a small walk near the Outskirts and stopped to admire a few gardens. When she starts on her way home, she encounters a familiar creature again. The black alley cat greets her with a purr as it steps down from a wall to meet with her below. She smiles and leans down to offer her arm right away. The cat nestles its head under her hand, leading it along its slender body. It rubs against her legs as it walks around her. She giggles, feeling instantly better in its presence.“Hello there…” She coos to the animal.It lifts its head to acknowledge her, blinking slowly.She goes through the effort of putting her things down as she rests on a nearby bench - the same one she first sat in when this cat found her not long ago. It follows her and jumps on as well, joining her side and even sitting in her lap. She pets it as her eyes look at her surroundings in thought. The sound of purring becomes a background noise the longer time passes. She doesn’t realize how much of it she spends sitting in thoughtful silence."I wonder when I can ask him..." She muses to herself. The cat's ears perk up at her words. "I feel so afraid....It should be easy for me to ask anything of him,  but I constantly feel like he's going to say 'no'..."The animal flicks its tail and yawns. She gently scratches its head. "When I first met Jack, he told me he thought I'd make a good seamstress. He was the first one to ever tell me that. So, why do I think he won't let me do this?"She doesn't expect an answer. But the cat still meows quietly. She looks at it and marvels at its beautiful, yellow eyes - with long, black slits for its pupils. It paws at her hand and she resumes petting it, much to the cat's pleasure. She almost forgets what she had been talking to herself about and sighs in content."I haven't asked much from him, have I? He's constantly given me things that I need...a new home and room, and everything we've been through together...I must not be good at asking for things I want...""Meow.""He’ll probably tell me that I can always ask for anything from him. That I shouldn't be scared of something like this, and no matter what, he'd be there for me...but he's given me so much as it is. Will I ever be able to return all of that? Should I, before I ask for anything more..?"It stretches on her lap and sets its body down on her more comfortably. She smiles at this and continues petting it. She can't believe how much stress she's working through right now. And with this animal at her side...she feels relaxed, and comforted by its presence. Even the feeling of its fur under her hand is enough to calm her down. It reminds her of the time she used to spend with Zero - how he would make her feel better by keeping her company at the Graveyard before Jack came around."You're right...I should be confident in the things I want. He would want me to feel that way. I think he'd be happy if I just asked him. Even if it's not possible...I would still feel better having him know that I want this."Her stare prolongs on this alley cat Thoughts suddenly resurface in her mind. Would possible to have a pet like Zero? She feels so curious. She's seen how much the ghostly dog has done for Jack, aiding him at his side when he needed it the most. Would this cat be there for Sally when she needs it? Just like times like these - where she needs the assurance of another breathing being that can bring her comfort and assurance..?Her lips twitch in thought. Maybe....maybe this can be her first step to asking for something from Jack. It's not as big of a proposal as a sewing shop would be, and it is something that involves living with him...Sally smiles as she comes to terms with this thought. Yes, she'll ask Jack if she can keep this cat around their home, and if she can have an animal companion of her own. This should appease any of her insecurities she has left, she thinks."Would you like to be my pet?" She asks the creature, almost as if it can answer her.It stares at her for a long time, as if thoughtfully considering the question. The cat soon comes forward and licks her hand, closing its eyes in contentment afterwards. She takes this as a ‘yes’ and is thrilled with the response. She starts petting it excitedly - thinking of how this next conversation will go. She's almost...looking forward to asking for this from Jack! Compared to how nervous she feels with all their other conversations…She carefully reaches for the cat to gently set it down and off of her lap. It would sometimes sleep in her basket if she left it outside, so she decides to offer it to the feline again. It observes it thoroughly for a minute or two. She’s surprised when it takes the invitation and jumps right in. She drapes a small blanket over its body to conceal its figure and keep it warm on their small trip.She begins her trip home, fingers excitedly drumming the handle of her basket as she walks along.----The Pumpkin King is home early today.He’s spent most of his time in his study - organizing and such for the work he inevitably has to do on his own. His desk is a mess at this point, with papers scattered around while numerous amounts of books lay open. He’s working passionately this time around, feeling inspired with every part of his work. He hums along while he writes and smiles every time he dips his feathered pen.His session is eventually interrupted by the sound of footsteps climbing up the spiral staircase from the middle of the room. He naturally sets down his pen before the person reveals themselves, and turns around expectantly in his chair. He’s delighted when he sees Sally peering up at him from below.“Good afternoon, my dear!” He greets her joyfully. “I hope those stairs didn’t trouble you?”Although he does his best to appear happy, he momentarily worries for her reaction. She’s been quiet as of late. Not to imply she is the most talkative person he knew - but she was almost always willing to speak with him, and sometimes their conversations would last a good hour or so. He’s been noticing how little time she spends in the mansion now, always leaving for walks and visits into Town. Not that anything was wrong with it - but it would usually be when he was trying to speak with her, or they were in the middle of a conversation.His bones ache as he observes her figure, looking unsure as her eyes travel everywhere but him."I'm getting used to them," She eventually replies and walks towards him, peeking over his shoulder. "What are you doing?""Sketching some designs of devices the citizens have suggested." He motions to the papers sprawled out on his desk. When he sees her nervously look at his work, he abruptly adds, "-You're not interrupting me. You never are, Sally."She smiles. He relaxes his shoulders. It pleases him to see her feeling relaxed. He never wants her to feel like she doesn’t belong in the same room as him while he’s working. It’s very much the opposite - her presence never fails to make things better for him, and she is the most inspirational person he’s had in years with what he’s responsible for doing.She still seems to be a little nervous, judging by the way she’s playing with her hands. She lowers her head as her gaze shifts. In a small voice, she asks, “ do you feel about cats?”“Cats?” He repeats, finding the question peculiar. He doesn’t want to discourage her, however, and answers as best as he can. “They’re wonderful creatures! Especially the ones that bring bad luck.”“And would you feel about, having one...around?”This is when he pauses in his movements. He’s so surprised at the suggestion that he lets the expression linger on his skull. This clearly affects her. She starts to say something, but he manages to reply in time. “ As in, the Manor?”“I was just thinking that, well, you have Zero around to keep you company. And I love him! Having a dog seems nice, and..there’s this cat I used to see when I lived with the Doctor. It was usually outside of the tower and in the alleys; it would greet me every time it was outside, and I think it likes me.”Jack can’t help but smile during her explanation. She seems to be having a hard time keeping her tone steady. Almost as if she’s...nervous, about what she’s asking? He finds it almost cute, knowing what the subject is now.. He sits back in his seat and holds his hands together in thought, recalling something from the past."A cat in the know, there was one that kept riling up Zero during the night. He would stick his nose out the window and bark all night if I didn't catch him! I wonder if yours is the same one?"She appears worried. "Would Zero get along with it? I don't want to bring one in here if it'll cause trouble-""--I think having a pet of your own is a great idea, Sally! Now, even though I’m more of a dog person myself, I don’t mind cats - I rather like them! I think Zero will get used to having one around...he seems to understand what we tell him, at least."Her features light up at his answer. She looks so excited...this is when he feels something rattling in his ribcage. He doesn’t have any time to wonder what this is. Without any warning, she lunges forward and hugs him tightly. He's surprised with the reaction at first, but eventually returns the embrace and holds her closely. He’s missed this contact after she’s been a little distant for the past week…“Oh, thank you! I don’t know how….this means a lot to me, Jack! Re-really..!”“Of course, my darling...The company should be wonderful for you. I hope you’re never afraid to ask for these things?”She shakes her head as she pulls away. Somehow, he’s not convinced. It doesn’t matter in the end, because simply seeing her feel better is all he can ever ask for. He can only hope that situations like these won’t have to happen in the future - that she feels comfortable enough to ask for anything from him. This is probably what made her so distant as of late. That she wanted something so badly like this, and somehow convinced herself that he would say ‘no’…As he opens his mouth to tell her this - that she can be entirely honest and open with him without any fear of repercussions, he is caught off guard when her lips press against his. The hug alone was enough to make him content, but a passionate kiss like this brings icing on the cake! Jack tries not to show how excited he is when he kisses her back, but this must not have been on the ragdoll’s mind. Without any warning, she brings herself forward and sits herself in his lap, grabbing at his suit to deepen their kiss.‘Oh, my…’  Were the only words on the skeleton’s mind.The two of them understandably get distracted in their moment together. It’s only after they pull away when reality sets in. Her blue cloth skin turns a bright pink as she realizes their position - and abruptly goes to remove herself. Jack feels disappointed, and is almost tempted to stop her, but respects her space in the end. He offers her a smile and moves his leg so she can get off. He grabs for her hand afterwards so she doesn’t stray any farther.“I’m sorry.” She holds a hand over her mouth, feeling embarrassed. “I got excited-”“Sally…” Her name slips off his tongue dreamily. He has to snap himself out of it. “Please...don’t ever be afraid of this. For asking for things from me.”She looks away. “-What makes you think that?”“You’ve been terribly distant as of late. You’re always so happy to speak with me, but not so much lately. You seem...quiet. I was starting to grow terribly lonely with how often you were leaving.”Her eyes grow moist before she can control it. “I was so nervous, wanting to ask for anything more from you when you’ve already done so much for me...”He leans forward to wipe the tear falling down her cheek. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. You never had much as it is. I want to be the one giving you what I can - no matter the amount.” He sits back and chuckles. “All you asked was to keep your own pet here. That’s not something much, in my eyes.”She feels better at his words, like she always does. She giggles along. “Well, when you say it out certainly doesn’t sound like a lot…”He stands from his chair and starts heading towards the staircase. “So, where exactly is this feline of yours?”“Oh! Well, I brought it over here, actually...I didn’t know what you’d say, so I kept it in my basket just in case…”They climb down the stairs together and approach the front door. Her basket remains where she last put it. Except the blanket is now pulled back, revealing its empty contents inside. Sally momentarily panics as she drops to her knees. She desperately starts searching for the cat. She can’t find anything except the witch hazel she’d picked earlier.“Is something wrong?” His voice asks from behind her. She turns around and starts chewing her lip anxiously.“Yes! The cat, it’s-”“RUFF! RUFF!”They’re interrupted by the loud barking of Zero, which sounds from the kitchen. They waste no time rushing into the room, only to find the ghost dog glaring at a small figure on the counter. Sally recognizes the alley cat. It attempts to scamper away through the pots and pans laying about. This causes a ruckus - as they noisily fall to the floor while Zero chases after, barking furiously. It attempts to swipe its claws at him - only for its paw to go right through his transparent blanket. The dog is about to give his counterattack before his master’s voice stops him.“ZERO!” Jack shouts. He pauses entirely in his movements as he ducks his small head, looking to the skeleton with mournful sockets. “-Come here this instant!”Just like that, the dog retreats to his owner and whines when he’s at his side. The cat takes this chance to run to the only one it knows at that moment - and that’s into Sally’s arms. She holds it close and attempts to soothe it through some comforting pats. It turns its head and hisses in Zero’s direction, who growls angrily back.“-Zero.” Jack warns again. The dog gives in and turns away. The skeleton makes his displeasure apparent, placing his hand on his hip. Sally worriedly looks around the room before glancing back at the two.“I’m so sorry...I didn’t think they would start fighting-”“-Don’t worry about it. I have a feeling I know who started this.” He turns to give Zero a scornful look, who droops his ears. “Well, I think I have my answer. This cat you have is the same one that Zero’s been after for who-knows-how-long!”She gasps, looking at the creature in her hands. “Is that true?” It folds its ears back and looks away. “I had no idea…”“One thing’s for certain: I’m not pleased with this behavior.” The skeleton begins to lecture his pet. “Sally brings a new visitor into our home and you go and chase it! Where are your manners?” Zero’s nose starts to dim as he frowns. “--You two are just going to have to get along if they’re going to stay here.”The dog is alarmed at this news, his ears pointing straight in surprise. He looks between the two several times, but doesn’t receive an answer. Jack comes to Sally’s side and looks at the cat curiously, attempting to see under its tail. After a moment, he hums in surprise. “-Who, to my knowledge, is a girl…”“She’s a girl..? I never knew…I-I don’t even have a name for her, yet…”As she glides her fingers down its back, the cat appears to have calmed down and purrs in delight. Jack goes ahead and pets her for himself, only to find the cat nestling its head in his palm. Zero visibly scoffs in the background, choosing to look away from the three. The skeleton rolls his eye sockets before removing his hand and standing up straight.“Well, I reckon the two of you will have plenty of time to figure that out. In the meantime--” He looks over and snaps his fingers, beckoning Zero to come, who begrudgingly flies over. “-Let’s have them meet properly.”Sally kneels down and gently sets the cat on the floor, keeping her hands at its sides. Jack gives his dog permission to come forward and greet the fellow animal. They are both hesitant at first - neither of them willing to greet the other. After impatient ‘ahem’s from their masters, they meet in the middle and stare at each other for a straight minute.Their noses accidentally touch, causing them both to jump in surprise.The ragdoll coos. “Aww, they bumped noses…”They’re both visibly curious, now. Zero goes forward to sniff its head while the cat ducks away from him. She paws at him and watches her arm continue to go straight through. When she manages to touch his sheet, he moves away and she starts following after, meowing at him. Their bystanders start chuckling as they start chasing each other - this time, without ill intent.“It might take awhile, but I’m positive they’ll get along.” Jack tells her. “See? You had nothing to worry about.”“You’re right…” Her eyes watch the two animals curiously. “It was silly of me to think you’d say ‘no’.”“From the way you reacted, I don’t think I’ll ever say anything but ‘yes’.” He replies flirtatiously. Her eyes go wide and she hides her face in embarrassment. He chuckles before pulling her closer and leaving another peck on the top of her hair.----The Pumpkin King and the Mayor of Halloween Town stand together on the Residential Hill,  watching the Behemoth push a wheelbarrow full of debris and empty it into a pile. The zombie continues this process mindlessly - shoveling rotten wood and dirt into the container and emptying it soon afterwards. The Mayor grins in delight as he crosses something off of the list he’s holding. The skeleton’s skull turns towards the others at work - who are gathering pieces of wood and stone and setting them aside for the work that inevitably will come.“We’re lucky the storm didn’t completely destroy everything,” The shorter man mentions happily. “We’ve scavenged quite a bit from what was left!”“Any sewing supplies?” He asks. The Mayor nods his head.“A few machines were destroyed from the roof caving in, but there are a couple that still work. Really, anything that wasn’t crushed was saved - they’re being transported into the Town Hall as we speak.”“Fantastic.” The grin spreads on his stitched lips. He’s elated at this news. Why shouldn’t he be? That’s more supplies for Sally to have once the place is finished. “-We’re just fortunate no one was hurt by the fall. I’m not surprised - that place was going to come down eventually.”“And it saves us plenty of time, too! We should begin construction in a couple of days. The blueprints you gave me work perfectly! If we’re diligent about this, it should be done in only a month.”Everything about this has Jack Skellington feeling optimistic. Sally’s shop can be finished even sooner than he thought..! He made those blueprints the moment he could - as he felt so inspired, he wanted it down on paper immediately. He wanted her shop to be somewhere she can be comfortable expressing herself, and do what she loved. He can only hope she’ll be satisfied with it once it’s done. He was crossing his bony fingers until then.“Does Sally know about this yet?” The Mayor asks, breaking him from his thoughts. He soon shakes his skull.“I don’t think she does. She’s been quite distracted lately - we’ve brought in a new pet, you see. A cat that’s grown a liking to her.”“-A cat? How awful! I never thought you’d have another pet besides Zero. Congratulations to you both!”“It’s doing me a favor, really. I’ve been able to work on the plans since she’s been so busy. I can’t tell you how afraid I was that she’d stumble right on my work! This should all be a surprise to her when the time comes.”He feels overjoyed to see his King feeling so spirited. Everything has been going smoothly with the Halloween plans this year ever since Sally moved in with him. And now they are finally getting something done with the Town - something that’s been needed for so long now! To hear him this excited about it simply because it involved her made the Mayor thankful for her presence. He’d have to stop by someday and thank her personally once this is all done.“Absolutely terrible!” He soon agrees.----She’s dedicated a lot of time with her new pet lately.The first day was rocky, learning that her new companion didn’t get along with Jack’s. But she still had hope - and after seeing them curious with each other, she was praying for it work out. The cat herself is a quiet, yet eager creature. She spends the first few days looking around the Manor and sniffing various things. She seems to like Sally’s room the most, as that is where she often finds her napping. She has also taken a liking to Jack, sneaking into his observatory and watching him scribble away on various things. Sally once caught her climbing onto the skeleton’s shoulders while he was in the middle of his work. He had to pause in his movements to set her carefully down.She giggled then, as she found it endearing, and a little humorous.Her relationship with Zero is another matter. The two still seem to not like each other very much, but as the days pass on, they tolerate the other’s presence more. The dog listens to Sally whenever she asks him to behave, and she finds that he won’t initiate any fights. Her cat seems to be another matter - choosing to act however she pleases with him. She at least admires Zero’s compliance with the situation.Most of her time is spent attempting to train the cat. There is a small issue with her trying to scratch up Jack’s furniture - which hastily ends after Sally catches her. She scolds her new companion and insists on getting some supplies the day after. She’d been in luck, as the Witches in town happened to own some scratching posts and other cat-related things. A few other Residents were happy to lend her what they could, and even offered her advice with this new feline.The cat has her own bed, scratching post, and litter box, now. She seems to be more content having these things around. While sewing in her spare time, the ragdoll finds that the cat will jump into her lap and rest there, offering her comfort as she pets it while she works. With her new toys, she also dedicates some time playing with her. After awhile, she is eventually willing to play with Zero.The relief in Sally’s eyes while she watches them is indescribable.----Nearly a month passes when a name suddenly occurs to her. She'd been looking for more space in her closet when it came to mind. All this time, she’s been referring to her pet as ‘kitty’ while struggling to give her a proper name. She rushes over to Jack when this happens, who’d been retreating to his bedroom. She catches him just before he comes inside, visibly eager with her new idea. She even shuffles her feet a few times as she stands there.“I know what to name her!” She announces giddily. "The cat, I mean."The skeleton stops and looks at her with a crooked skull. “Do you, now? Well, what is it?”“I want to name her...Ophelia.” She drops her gaze. “I’m not sure why, but...the name just came to me. Maybe I read it in a book once-”“-Hamlet, right?” Jack interrupts with a smile. “I once gave you books from Shakespeare...I remember that being one of the few I had you read.”“Oh, right..! I can’t believe I’d forgotten. That feels so long ago, now that I remember…”“-Ophelia. It’s a lovely name. Congratulations, Sally.”She smiles and flutters her eyes. She comes forward to hug him, finding that she’s missed his presence once again. He returns it and holds her close in this moment. This cat...or, rather, ‘Ophelia’ has been quite an experience for the both of them. While he’s thankful for its distraction to Sally, as it helped with his plans, there is also the fact that it’d gotten into a few of his belongings before and even scratched up an old pair of gloves somewhere...Not like it was a big deal to him - but he recalls Sally being very afraid and flustered over the ordeal.He was patient, and helped her when he could. But now things seem to be easing down...he’s even caught Zero napping with her a couple of times. He’s grateful and appreciative for what it’s done for his girlfriend - she certainly seems happier as of late with it around. How lovely she’s looked when he passes by her room...watching as she pets the animal mindlessly while sewing - how content the two of them looked together…his bones swell in delight just remembering the image.She lets go and nervously looks away. “Now that I have a pet of my own, I’ve, um, been curious about a few things..”“-And what is that, my dear?” He asks, politely passing by her to enter his room. He allows her to follow him in, and she looks around with uncertainty. She still hasn't spent much time in here, with how long she's been around...“How long have you had Zero..? And how did you even get him?”He likes her curiosity with this, and finds that it makes sense with how she's obtained hers recently.“He was a ghost who I’d found in the Pumpkin Patch, many, many years ago.” He explains as he searches through his closet. “He was rather skittish when I first found him - but after spending a lot of time with me in the patches, he grew quite fond of me. I can say the same for him!”“Zero was...afraid of you?” She asks curiously.“A lot of deceased animals tend to come to Halloween Town in their afterlives - whether they wander or wake up here...I assume Zero was one of them, and woke up in that pumpkin patch. Those animals are rather afraid when sort of thing happens - as something usually tragic happened for them to die.” He frowns for a moment. “I’m not sure how he’d gotten there - but I’m very thankful for Zero, regardless.”“I see...he’s such a good boy, really. And I’m thankful he’s gotten along with Ophelia, now.”“I think this company is good for him, too. He’s been with me for as long as I can remember. And while I’m good company, I’m sure, it doesn’t hurt to have another animal around." He chuckles. "I think they can understand each other more than we can with him.”She sighs in relief. “Oh, good; I’m glad.”As he resumes what he's been doing, Sally takes this time to think. She clasps her hands together and stares at the floor. This has been a wonderful experience. Finally taking a pet in, and...asking for something of Jack. He’d been supportive through this entire thing - and she was ever so grateful. But now that all is said and done with her new feline companion, there is the...other matter she’d been neglecting for so long. After how well this entire thing went, how much can it hurt to simply ask?“ you have enough time for us”“-As I always do, my love.” He stops everything he’d been doing to properly face her. “What is it you need?”“Well, um, I’d rather sit down for this…”He takes the cue and leads her over to his bed. She is surprised at this suggestion, but sits herself down on its surface, anyway. He joins her side and sits to her left, looking attentively at her. She appreciates his willingness to listen, as he always does, and takes a breath to start her words. She finds herself fiddling with her hands - her usual habit whenever she does something this nerve-wracking…“I’m really happy that my sewing is better. Ever since I’ve gotten those supplies, it’s been easier on me. But I’m starting to run out of space, and I’m just wondering what to do about it. I-I think I have an idea, now.”The skeleton holds his tongue as she dwells on the matter, looking at him with curious eyes.“I…...I think I want a sewing shop.”
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Im just curious because I don't see the other Tim burton movie art.
including 9 which from many experiences I had lots of drama in that fandom and people fighting to be popular like 9fann and Celestial Rainstorm that think they own the whole fandom. If that is the case with some like my 9 fandom I totally understand.
I just came here and noticed other tim burton movie art taken off and wonder if there was any problem with the fans or it got too over crowded.
PurpleMentality Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
As I understood the rules I may not add my art right? :(
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Gem-D Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the request!!! :hug:
jppiper Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2019
anyone here tired of people bashing Tim Burton?
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Mellodee Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018   Digital Artist
Hello! Many thanks for the request :heart:
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