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Steampunk GizmoDuck! Sculpted from scratch out of super sculpey firm, and plastic rod and tube. Painted with acrylic paint. He stands about 9 inches tall.
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Dude, buy or rent whatever you need to scan a 3d printer image of that thing.  Your work deserves to be cranked out to the masses and we can't wait a month and a half for each unit, even if you were willing and capable of repeating such an impressive feat! Surely, with people offering you $500 a pop, you could find a way for necessary equipment to pay for itself quickly?

I guess painting would be an issue but, once you've worked that out, perhaps via lower-price-but-paint-your-own scenario, shoot me one for free! I am poor... :) (Smile)

Fantastic work.  Superlative!

"Don't call me Shirley"is a valid response to this message... and hilarious.
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Is there any way you would pretty please make another of these to sell?  And if so, how much?
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This inspired me to create an account here; I would buy this, if possible.  It is *awesome*.
Timbone, I've got a polymer clay website and I'd like to feature you and your Steampunk GizmoDuck on a page that I'm doing on super sculpey firm. So many people bypass this clay because its very firm and it only comes in that dark gray color. But this is a great example of sculpting and the use of added color on this clay. I'd like to ask you a few more questions on how you use the clay and its pros and cons, sort of a mini-interview. I'd give you a link back to either this page or your website or both. I'd rather give an artist familiar with the material a platform for displaying their skill and art rather than trying to fake knowledge of the material. I'm much more familiar with Premo, Fimo and the liquid clays. My site is Just click on the More... link under my photo on the left column. Thanks. ~ Nancy
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I am positively  flabbergasted !
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seeing this brought back memories! sort of lol. was the "steam" done with polymer or is that dried liquid insulation stuff?
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It's the dried liquid insulation stuff that fills cracks in between windows and walls, yeah. Very cool stuff for smoke effects!
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you are fantastic to use it like this! ^_^
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Awesome!! Nice character Timbone.
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Thank you, sir!
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Wicked cool steampunkery and duckery!
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Hey, thank you everyone for your comments in this! I appreciate it.
Now for the question of, can I buy it? Because I need to have this sitting on my desk.
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I could sell it but I'm getting attached and he took a long time and he's one of a kind! Feel free to drop me an offer!
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is it for sale? so awesome!
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It could be... Inquire with an offer if you like!
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Awesome :) I wish you would do some TaleSpin stuff too, the show was totally steampunk!
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I was considering doing a steampunk Don Karnage, but you're right, that show had several steampunk elements, so I didn't feel like I was adding all that much.
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Oh, a Don Karnage would be AWESOME!!!
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Seriously impressive, Timbone. Would you ever consider creating more (for retail)? I tried gryphonswing.­com but it seems to only be used for email. Feel free to msg direct, if you'd prefer.
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I don't think I could create more- I'd have to destroy this one to do castings and I'm not sure I could do that. I think he will be the only one...
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