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Whai hai thar :hai: by Jeriko-X
Welcome to the thirty first volume of Contests Around dA, written by TimberClipse!

:new: :new: Contests Around dA Will now be posted only every 2 weeks!

:new: :new: This article was delayed as I was sick for a bit. I am feeling better and here it is :w00t:

:new: :new: I am now working hand in hand with Lammalord and AnotherContestGroup further details will come soon!

:new: :new: In addition, I agreed to let you all know about this article as well:… written by ChaosFay


There are a lot of contests around dA these days, chances to win points, subscriptions, art and more! But many are hard to hear about and some you must watch the contest's owner to even know about!

Contests can give inspiration and get deviants to make more art… that is why it is so important to learn about contests.

"[Contests] Give me inspiration. All my best pieces are responses to a contest theme."
- Quote From xiodinex

We write this article because we believe that contests play an important part in art. Without motivation many artists do not make art. This is not to say that none do, but many people make their best pieces for contests and this article can really help them achieve their goals and dreams!
- Quote from TimberClipse

So, this news article will be published bi-weekly to let you know about them and to give publicity to them!


Watch TimberClipse for weekly updates! :+devwatch:


Want to have your contest or a friends contest advertised!? If you have Firefox, then you may install this script, and it will lead you through how to suggest a contest:

If you use another browser, then you may send TimberClipse a note by filling out this information exactly:

:devYourUsername-Or-GroupName-Here: is holding a contest about TOPIC with best 2 prizes here for the winners! Ends Month Day. More info <a href="URL Goes Here">HERE</a>

This must be received by 11:59:59 PM EST on Wednesday to be included in the next article. In addition, please make sure to leave the format as it is here!

Thank you!

Anyone may do this, even for a friend, and there is no need to have a huge contest! Features, art and other such prizes are amazing prizes as well!

Please be aware I am unable to feature lotteries of any kind as dA does not allow them.

February 3rd CONTESTS!

Contests from this week! :la:


Every week we will choose one (1) submitted contest that has an ungodly amount of prizes, or is just awesome and feature it here! It will also be featured in the title!
The reason for the feature will be below it in italics

  • WDWParksGal, DevNews and TimberClipse have teamed up to make an awesome contest for everyone! The deviantNEWS contest features some amazing prizes including 3 years of Prmeium Memberships, Keychains, devWEAR Shirts and Points! Ends March 10. More info HERE

:omg: 'Nuff Said


These are contests TimberClipse and Nyiana-sama have found and wanted to post about!

  • color-me-club is holding the "Chinese Year Of The Rabbit" coloring contest! Ends February 28. All of the details can be found HERE
  • "Welcome back to Kiseki, Australia’s leading manga magazine that is now hosting their 4th Wacom competition! Kiseki and Wacom are giving a chance to win one of Wacom’s most prized tablet, the Intuos4." Yeah, that's right a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet and a carrying case! Plus if that wasn't enough, lots of premium memberships and being published in the magazine! Ends March 31. More info HERE  


  • BurstofColours is holding a photography contest about :bulletblue:blue, :bulletgreen:green, or :bulletpink:pink with a 3 month sub or points for the winners! Ends February 22. More info HERE
  • Umbrellas-Finest is holding a contest about Drawing a Resident Evil enemy/villain enjoying a moment of victory with features, and more for the winners! Ends March 3. More info HERE
  • Shady-Art is holding a contest about Chinese New Year and/or Nightmare Shady with Premium memberships & more for the winners! Ends late March. More info HERE
  • dexdarkdoug is holding a contest about drawing Dexter, Mandark, and Douglas from Dexter's Laboratory as mermaids with points and free requests for the winners! Ends March 11. More info HERE
  • OC-Couture is holding a contest about OCs in 19th Century outfits with 30 dA points and features for the winner! Ends February 25.  More info HERE
  • SephirothProtectors is holding a contest about Sephiroth and the color blue with best an art/literature request and month long journal feature for the winners! Ends March 1. More info HERE
  • The-Chemical-Family is holding a contest about Killjoys OC with 90 points stamps and requests for the winners! Ends March 15. More info HERE
  • PokemonReview is holding a contest about "The best Pokemon Region" with a free colored digital-or-traditional request from pokemoneg and 10 points for the winners! Ends February 26. More info HERE
  • MMusiqueM is holding a contest that tries to let artists be inspired by music. Ends February 21. More info HERE
  • I-LOVE-TRUE-BLOOD is holding a contest with all forms of "True Blood/SVM" fan art allowed. The theme is dark valentine. Winners will receive hundreds of points! Ends March 15. More info HERE
  • Tite-Kubo-Club is holding a contest about "obsession" with premium membership and points for the winners! Ends March 17. More info HERE
  • Dramatic-Photography is holding a contest for a group icon with a 6 month subscription and journal features from all the admin for the winner! Ends February 12. More info HERE


  • Lilithay is holding a contest about South Park with $200 and subscriptions for the winners! Ends March 1. More info HERE
  • AJ333 is holding a digital/traditional art contest about her OC's with over a 1,000 points worth of prizes and commissions for the winners! Ends February 11. More info HERE
  • RiparianVeins is holding a contest about hope in honor of leukemia and lymphoma awareness with a $15 gift card and possible subscription for the winners! Ends March 3. More info HERE
  • Passion91 is holding a "Wishes Contest" that is accepting all media! Winners will receive points and features! Ends February 17. More info HERE
  • nikkittie is holding a contest for a new avatar with points and requests for the winners! Ends February 9. More info HERE
  • CoresettedCait is holding a contest about Digital Photo Manipulation with a 3 month deviantArt premium membership for the winner! Ends March 20. More info HERE
  • AyumiNazu is holding a contest about Drawing her OC(s) with points and a printed feature in her manga coming out this summer for the winners! Ends March 17. More info HERE
  • Bajilla and minipolkadots is holding a contest where you draw their characters along with your character(s) with subscriptions and points for the winners! Ends February 10. More info HERE
  • CheekyStoat is holding a contest about Valentine's Day with a twelve month subscription and two handmade crafts for the winner! Ends February 28. More info HERE


  • Zwoing is holding a Kiriban at 30,000 with a journal feature for the winners! More info HERE
  • missmustache is holding a kiriban at 9,999 and 10,000 with a traditional chibi drawing of any character prize and a journal feature + interview for the winners! More info HERE


These Contests come from the Official deviantART Contests Group, Contests, and from their writer, Ayame-Kenoshi

These are all official deviantART Contests.

      SUSPENDED More details coming soon HEREDr. Pepper Game Mashup Mural Contest hosted by deviantART is described with "What happens when a space engineer, a boxer, a race car and Dr Pepper meet? Do they do wheelies in soda? Do they fight over the car, get run over by it, or lift it to put on awesome Dr Pepper wheels? It's up to you to come up with your own answer." Winners will Receive iPads, A Mural in LA and thousands of points and thousands of dollars! What more could you want!? Open to everyone age 18 and over in the US. Ends March 1. More info HERE

Official Contests Run by Gallery Moderators:


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We would like to thank a number of deviants and groups who help make this article possible.


jonathoncomfortreed has helped us with some of the coding, and as of this week made it easier to send in contests!
Solitude12 What would we do without his awesome skills for our script!?
Ayame-Kenoshi has been a huge supporter of this article, helped get the word out and made a number of suggestions. We are forever grateful for her help!
:devPremiumMembers: who has let deviants know about this article at times and has provided us with awesome contests as well as sneak peaks into their own contests!
mintyy who has helped us out in so many ways!


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Contests is the official deviantART contests group. This group is a great place to stay up to date on all deviantART contests! (Ayame-Kenoshi Lets deviants know about this article in their blogs!)

SkyAndNatureClub is focused on all Animal, Plants and Nature and would love to see your best artwork! (Posts a poll weekly!)

DevNews is your one stop shop for all deviantART related news. From new GMs to new forums, DevNews will let you know about it every month!

Unknown-Artists-Club is a dedicated group that tries to help unknown artists get more attention here on deviantART. (DrinkTeaOrDie Posts a blog weekly!)

Feature-Club aims to feature just 5 deviants a day! Thus allowing those 5 deviants to gain feedback from the dA community! (Posts a poll weekly!)

UnseenArtists is there to help artists to be seen in the community, share information and help each other be seen. Open to all artists! (Nyiana-sama Posts a blog weekly!)

Deviant-Contests is dedicated for announcing and finding contests from around dA. (TimberClipse Posts a blog weekly!)

iLovePhotographyClub is right for you if you love photography! (Posts a poll weekly!)

LiteraturaEspanol focuses on Spanish literature, and has helped translate this article to spanish! (letterlover posts a Spanish Blog Every week!)

ContestGroup is about having contests of all different kinds of art for deviants on dA! (Zusuriki posts a blog weekly!)

Capturing-Music "is a photography challenge group inspired by music" (TheCrono Posts a blog weekly!)

PhotographyWorld is a group dedicated entirely to general photography. If you're a photographer then this is the place for you...Photographers unite! (Ailedda Posts a poll every week!)

Amazing-Arts-Club is a supergroup which is a haven for all artists of all media types. They encourage you and help you expose your beautiful artworks to the deviant world... (MoRbiD-ViXeN writes a blog weekly!)

Photography-Frenzy is a group dedicated to photography. This club is for anyone, whether you are an amateur or a professional, all degrees of work are accepted into our community! Our only rule is to have fun, meet some new friends, and get some constructive technique on your work (ashkamoo posts a blog every week!)

AnimalFrenzy is the sister group of Photography-Frenzy, specifying in animals. This is a club for any animal lover, of any skill level. We strive to help our members by exposing them to the art community, holding many contests and giving constructive critiques. (ashkamoo posts a blog every week!)

:devdaily-deviations: "All art that is submitted to this group is suggested as a DD… Want one!?" (dl-p posts a blog every week!)

Photoetry "is a group that makes "Photoetry", a combination of both "Photography" and "Poetry". It is a group dedicated to all photographers and poets providing them with creative challenges to help them grow and develop as artists." (FrostyMorningBliss posts a blog weekly!)

Trees-With-character is a group that accepts any type of media, as long as the subject is of trees! (Roses-to-Ashes posts a blog weekly!)

All-Photo-Club collects amazing artwork that are photographs. (LMPPhoto posts a poll weekly!)

Yoh-Asakura-Fan-Club (EAT-MY-PAINTINGS posts a blog weekly!)

FanArtClassroom is all about fan art! A great place to keep up with the fan art community! In addition, Aequinoctium-dies is also run by rydi1689

dA-Mommies focus's on moms, children, and family... (LottnessMonster posts a blog weekly!)

deviantARTtimes posts a news letter and often features Contests Around dA. It is a great place to check out news on all subjects around deviantART!

Craftcycle We are a club for found/recycled art. Our only requirement for club submissions is that the piece members are submitting must contain recycled materials. We occasionally post articles featuring and talking about re-purposed art and fashion to promote the idea of upcycled art and artisan crafts.

EtsySellers Our membership consists of artists and crafters who are also sellers on Primarily we promote each other and critique each other's shops. We occasionally post feature articles as well as articles about the business of selling Handmade items of all kinds. (DAnnsCreations writes a blog weekly!)

Ink-Spot-Fiction is a place for writers both professional and not to band together and help support each other so that we can help each other to become better writers. (shadowgirlphoenix13 writes a poll or blog weekly!)

TheNextAnselAdams is a group for anyone looking to improve or just share their photography and receive positive, constructive feedback to help them improve their work. (shadowgirlphoenix13 writes a poll or blog weekly!)

LovingSupport is a group for anyone who has or is close to someone with a mental illness, disability or is suffering from depression. We are here to provide support from people who know and understand what you are going through. We are also here to get the truth out to people who think that people with negative views about those of us with mental illnesses or disabilities.  (shadowgirlphoenix13 writes a poll or blog weekly!)

WeFeatureYou is dedicated to help promote artists', both known and unknown, works to the deviantArt community. Photography, traditional art, digital art, customization and many more. We accept any form of art! In a lookout for more exposure? This group is for you! (arbaxa posts a blog weekly)

devUTFSM is a new Spanish speaking group! (DVHeld writes and updates a blog weekly!)

ConstructComments encourages artists to give constructive comments and critiques to one another. It's give, get, and improvement all around! This group is for all deviants who are interested in feedback instead of one-worded comments and a :+fav:. (kiarar posts a blog weekly!)

Cinnabar-Lab was taken over by =CheekyNana in order to protect the research done by scientists of old, it's status has become that of a myth, it's existence known to only a select few. (CheekyNana posts a poll weekly)

AnonymousTalent Your art, your concepts, your writing. Show it to the world. This is a group for those who feel that their creations and their talents have been unseen for too long. We shall not remain anonymous!

AddictsOfPhotography If you guys are into photography, then I suggest that you join this group. It's for photographers only. No skill level required, just submit what you think is your best work. It is very easy to get accepted. (LizzieMuder posts a blog weekly)
Each group will announce the contest news article when it comes out! :glomp:

Go join them! They are all awesome groups! :clap:

If you want your group to help get the word out this article let TimberClipse know!


Thank you to everyone who posts a journal every week! If you would like to help get the word out every week let TimberClipse know! It would be an honor to be able to have your help!

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bunniegrrl's avatar
Just to let you know, the Kiseki contest doesn't end on March 31st.. it ends on May 31st. :) Might wanna fix that so people don't feel too rushed to complete an entry.
TimberClipse's avatar
Crap forgot that twice in a row :doh:

Sorry :P

bunniegrrl's avatar
LOL It's cool. Just wanted to let you know so others aren't misinformed. :)
th555's avatar
"#dexdarkdoug is holding a contest about drawing Dexter, Mandark, and Douglas from Dexter's Laboratory as mermaids"
I smiled...
Liquidinfirmity's avatar
Thanks so much for doing this! :D
l0Ft's avatar
ayame18's avatar
I wish I could enter either one, but I can't. :sniff:

Good luck to the ones who're participating. :clap:
thestargazer23's avatar
Thanks for the contest update!
The link to "#Photography-Frenzy" doesn`t work =)
TimberClipse's avatar
Sorry, that was what was sent to me, not 100% sure

thestargazer23's avatar
No problem!
I just wanted to let know - to fix it =)
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Thanks for featuring my contest on my group #Shady-Art :D:D:D
8-BitGirl's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my contest @ #Umbrellas-Finest :D
SpringTulips's avatar
You are a genious for writing these articles :D
Thank you!
TimberClipse's avatar
Ha ha nah you guys who host them are the awesome ones :giggle:

Dragonwarrior-kyna's avatar
I'll have to look at these contests; they sound like fun. :) Unfortunately, I have to get a move on filling out scholarships and figuring out how to finish applying to one college I like (I missed their deadline by accident, and their website is total crap. :(). I'll also watch you for any other contests that come up, and let you know when my group, MDK-Fanbase, does another contest.
DevilsDynamite666's avatar
I'm glad your feeling better! I was wondering if when you upload a new news, if you could put one of the -new- sines next to the new contests? sorry if it doesn't make sense. It is just an idea. I hope you stay feeling good!! :hug:
TimberClipse's avatar
Actually all the contests in the article (excluding 2 that were re-submitted) were new!
DevilsDynamite666's avatar
thats kinda what I ment- somehow mark the ones that are or are nor new...I just can't seem to type it out
TimberClipse's avatar
Right I understand :giggle:

All I am saying is that basically all of the contests I get are new contests ;)

DevilsDynamite666's avatar
and I'm really excited!!!!! :la: can we give you contests we found that isn't on the list? cause I entered this one : [link]
but there isn't very much news out on it.
TimberClipse's avatar
Sure though please use the format :)

DevilsDynamite666's avatar
format? I'll look for it but it may take a while..
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