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Playing Hard by =TimberClipse

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I took this photo, while on a Film (i.e. video) shoot recently at a local theater. The band is Naked, and they played extraordinarily. This photo I got to take during the last set, right before leaving. I really liked it, and I hope you do as well.

It should be noted, the focus is not supposed to be on the hand I focused specifically on the guitar.

Thanks for taking a look!


Canon T3i
50mm f/1.8
Manual Exposure
Not sure about EXIF Data as it seemed to have recorded ridiculous values, not sure if they will appear here.
Image size
5184x3456px 22.29 MB
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I really love this image. The focus on the guitar creates a nifty bokeh in the background with the bright lights required for the performance and the various details.

I love the feel of this picture as well, it provides the viewer (in this case me) with the feeling of an intimate concert in like a coffee bar/cafe/intimate club setting. The lighting also continues to foster that intimacy such a setting would provide. Allowing the viewer to almost feel like they were standing close to the guitar player while he performed.

I would have perhaps shifted the angle of the shot ever so slightly, to the right, to grant a bit fuller view of the guitar and create an even more interesting view of the background and the band member in the back who looks, because of the setting completely decorated in bokeh glimmers.

(I apologize in advance if this does not make sense or seems rambling, am on pain meds.)