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My Bio
This is me... doing big arms ;)

I'm a Sculptor/Special Effects/Specialty props Artist working in Film and TV
My shop is at Oxnard and Nobel in Van Nuys and I live in LA a few miles away
I have 20 years experience in the film biz, it's been a great ride so far :)

Favourite Movies
Princess Bride
Tools of the Trade
Clay, Foam Latex, Makeup, Plaster, Epoxy, Resin
Other Interests
astrolabes, bagpipes, ciphers and codes, rock climbing, concealed blades, cuneiform
Just passed the 100,000 mark,  woowho!!  Thank you all so much,  it's cool to think about how many people are looking at stuff I worked on :D
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Hi everyone,   I've been very quiet on here, they wouldn't let me post pics of the project i'm working on until it aired!   Today it is out.   It's a series about making big fans of different movies and TV shows special props based on them.   They follow the design and build process and when it's done we do the delivery.   It's a simple show but we have built some cool stuff!   hopefully it will go well and I'll have a job for the next few episodes   :D so share it and tell your friends... keep an old prop maker employed  XD  
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Ok,  this may sound weird, but if anyone out there has any desire or inclination to do a quick drawing or painting or whatever of me, I need some for a project i'm working on.   Just for fun and I know it's a very self obsessed  sounding request but I thought I'd throw it out there to my DA friends.   Thanks you guys and have a great weekend!! yours narcissistically,   Tim   :D
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Dear Mr. Baker, I love the pirate wench painting from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that you made! I think it was 2008. My husband and I love Disneyland and especially that painting. I have been looking for a print of it for at least a year (on and off). Finally I found yours on pinterest and it lead me here. What would it take to get a copy of some sort? Thanks!
Happy Birthday!! :D
Happy birthday! :hug:
Dear friend! I congratulate you in advance as I will not be in Spain from day 1. (I'll be back on the 10th). I didn't want to forget to congratulate you.

All the best! 
Hello Tim,

I was looking at your piece from Pirates Ride of the Redheaded Pirate.  Are you still open to sending a hi-rez file for printing?  I would love to feature your piece in my pirate bar i'm building in my basement.  I work in animation, I'm the recording engineer at Nickelodeon, i've recorded every episode of Spongebob and Avatar the Last Airbender, etc, so maybe could trade for it too?
Happy Birthday! ^_^
Happy birthday! :hug: