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Hi everyone,   I've been very quiet on here, they wouldn't let me post pics of the project i'm working on until it aired!   Today it is out.   It's a series about making big fans of different movies and TV shows special props based on them.   They follow the design and build process and when it's done we do the delivery.   It's a simple show but we have built some cool stuff!   hopefully it will go well and I'll have a job for the next few episodes   :D

so share it and tell your friends... keep an old prop maker employed  XD   
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Oh My Gosh! You have the coolest job ever! That was so great to really see the process of one of your projects! I love seeing other artists' "how-did-I-make-it". Really special stuff, and I'm looking forward to more Tim Baker and Team! :) Congrats!
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awesome, congrats!
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Congrats on the SuperFan contract. Really excellent work.
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Ohhh . . . that is awesome!
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That's brilliant! I should go and watch that movie too!
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this is just WOUW!!!  Great job and fantastic team!!
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Epic greatness!
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Oh my gosh, that is fantastic!! You and your team are incredible. :faint:
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Oh that is AWESOME!
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Alright!! So happy for you guys, look forward to more builds! :D
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Great news, I saw the swing on Facebook couple weeks ago I think
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So excited for you guys!!!!
It was awesome — we watched the show a little while ago, just great.
Best wishes!!!
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