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There is nothing quite like watching a movie trailer and seeing the design you have been working on for years.... done by someone else.  I know this happens all the time and to pretty much everyone but damn, I really liked that idea!   LOL    So do you just keep going, knowing that people will just assume you are borrowing someone else's work?  or scrap it and start again. Stupid zeitgeist!   ;P    So how often does this happen to all of you?   (because it happens to me all the damn time  ;P
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It happens with writing a lot. In fact, Hubby won't write any of his main novel on-line because of that. It's become a joke.  Maybe there is something...race memory, linked subconscious thought transference...... *exits to spooky music*
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haha, yeah, I don't think it has to be anything spooky,  ideas and movements in lots of different fields some in waves.  It's like our society is just ready for a specific kind of image or story, so it pops up in many palaces at once  :)
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Stupid Zeitgeist indeed! Had the best idea for a phone app while I was away travelling but turns out it already exists. Always a step ahead Apple, damn you!! (don't worry, I love you really Apple)
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Haha,  yeah, it's pretty common isn't it?
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As I have been writing my novel for the past 5 years, this has happened several times to me and I get very frustrated.  My husband lovingly reminds me that there are no new or original ideas out there anymore; just new ways of telling the same story.  D what you're doing for you, not for anyone else, and it will work out.  
Best of luck to you, from someone who knows EXACTLY what you're feeling.
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I think there are lots of new ideas and new ways of looking at things,  no one in history has had the experiences we have grown up with.. it's a new world and as things shift, they shift for us all... so when an idea is prime to become reality, it starts popping up all over the place  :)
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As an action figure customizer it happens to me all the time but you put your spin on it or work hard to make a better version that stands apart. :D
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We'll see,  I'll do my best for sure, but it's always such a bummer... that "damn!  that was MY idea first!"  hehe
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Well when i was younger I created the "Mono fin" but  apparently somebody had money to back their own design of it. There went all that work. It went into the trash shortly after.
I have annother invention but cant afford to have it put out there and its a perfect travel companion for artists.... *sighs*
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haha, well,  best get to working on that idea then... it could be out by someone else soon ;)
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that happen to dad with olfa rotary cutters. He thought of the idea a long time before they were made.

Have you heard of the theory that since there are an infinite amount of universes everything we think of could be true in another universe?
I think we're just subconsciously tapping into that universe. if it were true I bet people take things from multiple universes and combined them together in their heads.

anyway, the worst thing about someone using a similar idea of yours is if they make it horrible. there a lot of great ideas out there that were ruined by bad execution.

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could be, but I think it's just that each generation has so many collected memories and ideas and memes we grew up with that ideas are just bound to crop up stemming from our mutual societal experiences :)
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You could look at it this way: How many variations of the same story are there that are still successful (such as Cinderella or Romeo and Juliet)? Best thing to do is like skiesofchaos said and give it your own twist.
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Oh,  I try and twist everything  hehe
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Oh yes, all the time, nothing is really new.
The book I've been thinking about for a couple of years, since then I've seen two books with very similar ideas. Bah.
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hehe,   I dont' know about that,  I think it depends on what you consider "new"  :)
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You keep going of course. and put your own unique twist on it.
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I agree with Wood-Splitter-Lee, it does happen all the time.
There is no truly original subject matter, only a unique approach and presentation of them.
I don't know how many times I've come up with an idea or finished a piece and someone says, "oh, that reminds me of so's and so's piece where they did almost the exact same thing."....sighhhhhhhhh
I think we are all influenced by each other in some way from the beginning of man and woman's time here on earth.
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It happens all the time, :faint:
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Oh No that is always very disappointing and maddening I would agree :iconcomfortplz:  
Often artist seem to get the same ideas :nod: The only good thing
is when you are the first to come up with it  ~ publish it etc...
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annoying isn't it?   hehe
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