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Batmobile Stroller

My crew and I made this from sheet PVC for the show, Super Fan Builds.   It was done in a week for the show for a father and his kid who were both Batman fans.   You can see the video of how it was made here:…
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Are the blueprints with the list of materials for sale? Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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Well your still awesome those kids are blessed with your work that is just fantastic I really wish I was able to build on a larger scale but alas Im still self taught and everything is slow
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aw thank you hun... how are you doing??
Hey, Tim.  It took me a while to find a way to contact you, and apparently this is the best way.  I'm seriously inquiring about this build.  How much would you charge to replicate this and ship to the east coast (Maryland)? 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jon,   I've been asked about making another Batmoble stroller many times,  I paid a crew of 5 people to assist me on that build working 10 to 12 hours a day for 7 days.  The materials themselves were about also fairly high including the computer cutting of the sheets of plastic they were made from (a CNC machine is expensive to rent time on).   I do still have the original cut files but you can see that building this kind of thing gets very expensive very fast.  Working for a production company like I did for the SuperFan Builds made it much easier since they made their money back on their YouTube channel.  Millions of views with paid advertising means they made a healthy profit from my work.  I think I spent around $12,000 making that piece.   Although many people, sometimes several a week, ask about producing something they saw on SuperFan Builds, but so far, when they find out what it actually costs to produce a one of a kind fabrication like that, not one has decided it was worth it to them.   If you are still interested in one,  I would be happy to make it for you, but the labor costs can get a bit too high for the average fan.  It ends up, unfortunately, that only production companies or businesses can afford to have them made because they are set up for making their investment back in the advertising.   Thank you for your interest in my work,  best of luck,  Tim Baker
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Thank you so much hun,  it's been awhile,  I've been recouping from being hit by a car now for a few years.  Just now getting back on my feet,   literally as well as metaphorically.
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Oh my goodness!
Gotta get faster and running/ducking...hehehJK!! 
That's serious...hang in there. ~hugs
I'd love to have one made for my lil toddler who's turning 2 year old next friday!  He loves super heroes!

Please help to ping back if this is all likely, would really appreciate it.

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You can nominate your son by sending a video to the SuperFan-builds page on Youtube.   they choose from there.  I did all the builds for the first two seasons,  but I was injured by a car while walking and i'm just now getting well enough to get back to work.  best of luck to you,  Tim
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Dude Tim that's awesome!!! One helluva stroller!

(hey by the way, did the note I sent you a while back get through? I think my dA messages weere being super weird...)
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Thank you dear :)   I wish I wouldn't have gotten hurt and lost this show,  it was growing fast and we had so many supporters.  i'm just now getting to where I can even work,  oh well, I'll have to come up with something new to do.   I hope all is well with you,  where are you at these days?  still making great stuff?  I wear the piece you made me all the time... goes so well with my kilt!   thanks a bunch for that my friend  <3
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Oh noo! I didn't know that you had gotten hurt. I'm glad to hear you're getting better, but I'm sorry it's taking so long! <3 (and really sorry to hear you couldn't keep the show because of it) I'm sure you will come up with something awesome though. With the kind of shit you make the next opportunity can't be too far off!
I'm still in Merced, will be for a couple more years.  I don't have a ton of time for making between work and trying to get the hell out of Merced whenever possible, but I always at least have a couple projects going. Dude, I love that you get so much use out of that sporran, makes me really happy to  hear :) And that it goes so well with your kilt! I hope that you are doing better soon!
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Hah so great! :D
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Thanks so much Tim,  I tell ya,  I loved designing and building all the SuperFan-builds but with such a low budget and tight schedule (one build a week for six weeks),  It just wore me out.  When I was injured by that can in a parking lot, the emergency room doc said I also clearly had extreme exhaustion... oh well,  just getting too old for those kinds of hours anymore  ;)
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Robin: Holy bat gift!!
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thanks,  it was one of my favorite projects I did for super fan builds
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you're welcome
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Awesome, I remember this. I watched the video a while back and I'm still amazed by how awesome this is :dummy:
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Thanks so much,  it was fun designing and working on.  Luckily I had a great crew on this job, so many hours!
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