Who do you think will win the World Cup?
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By Tim-Wilko
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Spain must win again!! XDDD
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No love for the US? :D
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I'm still in shock from the England USA draw. Did you watch it?
Worst goalkeeping error ever...
USA played quite well to their credit though.
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Unfortunately I was at work so I could only catch bits and pieces...as I saw it, everyone underestimated the Americans and they used it to their advantage...unfortunately that won't happen again, haha.
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US should have beaten Slovenia.
Got robbed by a terrible refereeing decision :(

Good luck against Algeria tomorrow (won't need it, you'll win easily I expect).
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That whole game was called terribly...normally I roll my eyes when people accuse referees of showing bias...but it was kinda hard to ignore on that game.

As for easily winning, I don't know what to expect...it seems this world cup you should expect the unexpected, lol.
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Australia!!! :p

haha jk I am not really that naive! :D Hope they at least make it out of their pool though!! :w00t!:
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Well I voted England so you wouldn't be any more naive than me!

Australia will regret not taking the legendary Nicky Carle with them though :p

Looks like "Don't care" might just win!
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Haha good point! :D

Yeah I hope they manage to do ok!

I am not too surprised that the majority of DA 'doesn't care'... The majority being 14 year old Americans! ;p
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And there I was thinking it was just that artistic types weren't interested in sports!
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:D As a general rule that is probably pretty true...
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