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Voltage Ally: Aqua Siege



Meet Voltage's intelligent best friend and ally Jeremy Henderson aka Aqua Siege

Real Name: Jeremy Henderson
Age: 17
Height:5 ft 7 in
Weight: 220 lb
Bio: Jeremy was born and raised in 
Washington DC. His parents, James and Martha Henderson are both scientist. As a young age Jeremy was a very intelligent boy. he attended the highest rated in schools for intelligent children, top of his class. His parents were offered a job at Drake Industries, so they moved to Philadelphia, PA to work their. Despite having more in life then anybody else Jeremy wants less in life. He was always a bit of an outcast for being smarter than most people his age. He always wanted to have a normal family and not be a famous family of scientits. When is he and his family  moved to Philadelphia he asked his parents to send him to the regular high schools and not the higher ones. So they decided to let him attend Philstate High School where he meets Tim and they became quick friends. He wanted a change in his life, but he never thought that he would become a superhero by posessing the spirit of Giam the hyperian of water. At first he doesn't want any of it but now he realize that he has a responsibility to use his powers for good and protect his family.
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Nice chest armor.