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Lower Deckscord

Looks like trouble is brewin' on board the U.S.S. Cerritos.
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cool discord still up to his old tricks. he also doing great in recent graphic novel comic A DAY IN THE LIFE IN EQUESTRIA VOL 3 where during era of peace in The Last Problem in season 9 Discord come up with a scavenger hunt of searching for elements of harmony. Since he plucked the elements from the past created new time lines like cutie re mark episode and each mane six has to retrieve their element of harmony which includes having Gen 4 Twilight replacing Gen 1 Twilight in Escape from midnight Castle battling Teriek

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"Q... Discord... whatever! we go through enough crap on this ship already. Turning Biomler into some horse creature is just another tuesday."

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"Oh, like you didn't expect this to happen; I'm SURE!"

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I think the crew got into the magic mushrooms again. Oops, wrong show ;).

Seriously though, they did miss an opportunity there.

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and for our next episode Q vs Discord....

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Good old Discord being Q

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