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Krhainos: Samurai Showdown

By TillWolfster
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Hi guys! First of all I'm sorry if I've submitted such a huge image. I was afraid that the pic will be pixalated since the original size is 21 BY 16 INCHES!! @___@;;;

Sorry for not uploading anything lately! :iconkrhainos: commissioned me and it was fun doing a samurai/ sci-fi theme! We started thinking of "themes" and we agreed on a samurai/sci-fi theme..what came to my mind after having agreed to the theme was the anime called Samurai 7 :D I hope you guys like it and I hope :iconkrhainos: likes it *__*;

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That's awesome. I love the work on his outfit.
TillWolfster's avatar
Fenris86's avatar
You're welcome.
Vannister-Nicodemus's avatar
O.O :wow: :clap: ^0^ i love he background :3
21 x 16 inches???? OMG! how your computer can support this giant image?? X3 omg :clap: great job =3

The shading simply Fantastic *0*
TillWolfster's avatar
my computer is my wife x3 it can take a lot more than what I can LOL
DevonAura's avatar
Love the way his sword is in position
TillWolfster's avatar
I got it from a scene in power rangers lol XD
Gigabeto's avatar
hey excellent stuff
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Wonderful detailing work Till, the samerai looke very sexy and his fur sleek. You always do great backgrounds too.
TillWolfster's avatar
I watched too many power rangers before.. I got the pose rom there LOL 8D
chikinnugets's avatar
I like how shiny he is. :)
Zane-the-Foxwolf's avatar
Those crazy Japaneses and their awesome Samurai skillz. Win. <3
TillWolfster's avatar
LOL yeah XD

well actually I got the pose from power rangers LOL shhhh >3>;;
TerraForce's avatar
Marvelous use of color and color dynamics, as always. Splendid work.
Gaara-Lee's avatar
Samurai 7 rocks! And this pic is quite awesome indeed TillWolfster ^w^ I just love that pose and the expert coloring
TillWolfster's avatar
crusherthehedgehog's avatar
The ideas you come up with, you've got some kind of imagination don't you ;D!
TillWolfster's avatar
Porn is my inspiration for everything ^o^

lol kidding x3
crusherthehedgehog's avatar
xD well then you have an interesting tactic! You are still very creative mate.
Machinations's avatar

Hawt |3
TillWolfster's avatar
emo samurai = slice slice

instead of cut cut

XDD they do have harakiri which they kill tehmselves x3
imp24's avatar
Samurai 7 was one of the best anime ever ;___;
I miss that show,
been a while since I've watched it XD

btw, amazing colors *o*
inggit ako X3
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