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The Templars never knew what hit them.
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why did you put the Illuminati (I think ) symbol instead of the pentagram like the original? was it just a design chose or did you forget?
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I drew this so long ago that I can't remember why I changed the pentagram to the triangle. I think I just wanted to have a different look for Baphomet.
segura2112's avatar
That would look great on a t-shirt, not that I could afford to buy something like that right now...(heavy sigh). Thank You
Tillinghast23's avatar
Thanks! There's a t-shirt company that is printing up some of my designs. They're not too pricey. I'm also thinking of silk screening up some other stuff on the side.…
Caffeinated-Bunny's avatar
Baphomet is just a corruption of Mohammed...
MistressAsphyxia's avatar
Id love to screen print this design. Would you mind if I used it? xx
Tillinghast23's avatar
What would you do with the prints?
dottedwithheartz's avatar
Would you mind if I used this to make a stencil and arrange it around a bit for a "metal" themed party I am doing decor for.
Tillinghast23's avatar
Sure, that sounds fine!
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Featured in my journal [link]
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Thanks very much!
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my pleasure, great work!
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They truly hadn't. xD

Very nice linework, is neat :3
SpikeJones67's avatar
I like the thorny horns, tight work.
Bliss-Whitely's avatar
this looks like a version of the "Mark of Samael"! I like this a lot! great job!
Blackmoonrose13's avatar
i was wondering if i could take a crack at coloring this and any other lines?
Tillinghast23's avatar
I'd be perfectly happy with you coloring any of my pieces!
Blackmoonrose13's avatar
thats alot of pieces
UpchurchDesign's avatar
great modern interpretation of the traditional sabbatic goat!
Badhead-Gadroon's avatar
Beauty. Prittish in my onion like a toiletduck! Adores this whurk, says I. {:>} ...Nothing is impossible and everything is permitted. Friend, ye hath won my eyes. :heart:
Tillinghast23's avatar
Wow, thanks! All hail the toiletduck!
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