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Shepard's Hope

By tilhe
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Was thinking the other day what Shepard and Liara’s daughter would look like. I have seen lots of art of her as an adorable baby, so I decided to go with a little more grown up one.

Quote from [link] of course
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Just one question, why she is green?
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Love it :)

I was wondering about her green hue… but I decided that it’s symbolic that /she/ is the true Synthesis, which is why Shepard chose Destroy.
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Such a simple concept and executed with perfection, Amazing.
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Very breathtaking
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=O She's so beautiful!
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wow she looks cool ^_^ great job
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do i see that right? green eyes? like her father? ^^
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Mmm. I like her emotions. I see that she's nostalgic because had never know her father, and slightly angry about it.
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I thought it was Shiala at first. Which woulda been cool, since I 'ship the hell out of Shepard/Shiala.
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I've also been curious about what woulda happened, and what their kid woulda looked like :<

Also, I love your shading :D
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thank you very much C:
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Very cool! I gotta ask though, why is Shep's N7 logo bleeding? It's a rather haunting touch to the picture.
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thank you very much!
"It's a rather haunting touch to the picture" - It is there for that very reason :nod:
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This is just awesome. There's a lot of emotion and references for the gamers put into here, great work!
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thanks a lot, glad you like it C:
That's really cool, well done!
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Whoa. I was thinking about writing a fanfiction about life after ME3, with Liara and Shepard's daughter as the main hero. Shepard would be gone (But kind of a part of the daughter since would use the synthesis ending as a base and, if the synth worked the way i think it did, then some part of shepard is merged with everyone along with the tech/organic parts.) and someone would be raising havoc with old reaper tech. Seeing the need for a hero the galaxy could get behind, the council and the alliance military( now including all known races in the galaxy, thanks to the melding effect of the war) woul appoint Krinda ( an asari word i made up and it means guardian), Shepard and Liara's daughter, as the head of a strike team to head to deal with it. Of course the kids/descendants of the old ME characters would be a part of the team. Anywho, could i use this as the base for that story?
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That sounds interesting.
And if it inspires you enough, go ahead man C:
that must be the prettiest asari child in all existence. Glob what a sad piece though. what's that red smudge on the window, or is it part of the reflection? it looks like blood...AGH this is heartbreaking, can you imagine having the saviour of the galaxy for a dad but never ever meeting her coz she died doing the saving? i am not kidding, she might just be the prettiest child ever for reals, i just wanna keep staring forever. she totally looks like Liara and Shep. :') i love the reflection too, it looks really good. what's the tattoo mean though? Those eyes look positively LUMINOUS. what age would you say she is in asari and human years? I bet everybody of the old crew would hang out with her and tell her stories and stuff surely.
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