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The Pokemon Blaze Online MMO team is actively recruiting spriters and mappers to join our team. It is a paid job. Please contact me via Discord (igfer).
I'm looking for Spriters who can make buildings based on the ones from the original Pokemon Anime. 

If you're interested, please send me a DM.

And no commission offers, I hate commissions.
Can you let me submit content
Thank you for letting me join!, I already have some sprites but I'll have more!
Hey guys im currently working on a project called Pokemon Serpentine and im still looking for people who can create overworld sprites and design pokemon. If you are interested send me a note and ill reply with the invitation link to our discord server.
I'm not sure whether I should comment here, but I was wondering if there's any tileset sprite artist(s) that has played Undertale/Deltarune and is willing to join my team and help with tilesets in that style?
Hello, in a way I am new this way, so no himself if this is the adequate method to do this petition, the thing is that, I want to do a game of pokemon mysterious world, and I am gathering the necessary elements to create them, one of those elements are the tiles and the ones that you have they are very good, for that reason I would like to ask them for permission to use them and or to modify them, giving credit to your creators and respecting the decision of being able to use them or no.