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[WoC] Colderrian grandPrix

Heey everyone!
I'm so happy to finaly show you final picture :D it took me ages to draw it and I hope you like it! :D (Big Grin) 

I picked randomly from numbers of participants 4 riders, so hope you don't mind if I mention you ^^ 

Memuii Samantha-dragon SpiritWindcaper BUGHS-22 


Arival picture to Zoltar area: here
Training pictures: 1. and 2. (will be with story)

Story: Derena's journals (175 words)

Big day, 2019
Today is mine's and Alicia's big day. I'm excited but also pretty much scared. What will I do? Well, people around are really nice, much more kinder than my familly and people around. And all those creatures here, they are amazing! Alicia is having a good time with everybody. We've trained a lot, well, there were little complication during one training, but I don't want to think about it right now... you'll know. In few hours is start of steeplechase, maybe I should get started preparing.
Oh my god! I'm soo happy from all this. It was really fun, even we are dirty as hell, but I don't care. Oh god I'm so glad I didn't change to harpy I was relaxed and I was enjoying every second of steeplechase. Thank you Alicia and thanks to all of other participants who made it even better. I don't think you want to know how it was underway, all you need to know that there was a lot of mud. And what will happen next? Timetrail!
(boring..... I know, but trainig pics should be more fun :D)

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Oh wow! Thank you! :D Can't believe I'm first! Must be the beginning of the race. :D 
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you're welcome! :D 
well, you never know what can happen :D
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Jediné slovo: WOW :heart:

Tak toto je pecka o.o
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no wow!!
tohle je suprový! a muselo to dát děsně práce! :D já mám pocit, že ten svůj snad nikdy nedokončím ;w;
to nebe je hrozně pěkný a vůbec jak jsou všechny ty pózy takový... dramatický! :D <3
a děkuju moc že jsi mě nakreslila :3
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děkuju ^^
ale dokončíš, jednoduše musíš a bude to pecka!:D
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ooo niiice :D paráda :D
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Perfektní, lepší než jsem očekávala, jen tak dál! :D

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Děkuju :D

nojo, moje nákresy ve škole :D
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