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In The Sky

My Favorite Mane6 pony La la la la   

ps. I try paint Cloud maybe paint not Beatiful  Next Time I try paint better Es increible! 
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Nice 😆 keep up the work
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awesome drawing so amazing :D
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your style is awsomeRainbow Dash Licking gif 
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Her hair looks awesome! love it flowing back mmm <3
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I love Rainbow Dash too! <3
Go for the double rainboom!
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wow, pure awesomeness: totally 20% cooler. the sonic rainboom is one awesome moment in the show ^^
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Great job! She's my favorite of the Mane 6 as well ^^
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The colors and shading/lighting in this look astonishing! <3 You've done a great job!
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So many colors! Great use of contrast also.
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She was born to fly.
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I'm not really a MLP fan, but I did really like their old ponies. I wish they kept rainbow dash girly though... I don't understand why they made her a tomboy. I'm just glad they haven't ruined Pinkie Pie yet...

I saw this on the front page of dA. Keep it up, girl! 

Have you drawn Pinkie Pie?
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I Have Drawn Pinkie pie  :D (Big Grin)
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Oh, I didn't realize you were a guy.

Sorry I called you a girl. 

I forgot MLP fans were mostly guys, and I forgot that there were such things as bronies...
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This is amazing *w*
Great job <3
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Daww love it!! ^~^
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