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Willow and Weiss doing some cake recipes with Willow ussing a special ingredient

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a woman after Qrow's heart~

Or mine ^^

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You wanna know what Willow‘s favorite desert is: a Whiskey cake! (rim shot)

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Now I see why Qrow likes her

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So it's plum duff, is it now? 
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great now everyone is going to get drunk
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Well, the alcohol should burn off when you bake that. At least that's what happens when my folks put wine on meat before cooking it.
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The girls of Team RWBY have beautiful mothers! (and my headcannon is that Ruby is cloned from hers) (and Blake has best mom! But Yang has worst)
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To bad Qrow went silber
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seriously im surprised her and qrow never interacted 
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in the cannonverse 
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High alcohol Cake?
Qrow will love it
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I mean, if we're being real, the alcohol cooks off. In the meantime, it prevents water from binding to the gluten molecules in the flour. I've only ever made pie-dough using this method, so I don't know what it would do for a cake. Unlike pie-dough, you do want gluten in a cake so it has some structure and rises properly. Maybe less gluten helps make it less bread-y? idk, it just seems like it would turn out really dense. Maybe she's already added water (and/or milk and eggs) to the flour, making the effects of the alcohol moot.
Alcohol aside, whiskey would certainly impart a flavor. 
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It's rum cake Willow! Not Whisky cake!
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Gotta make sure the party will take off
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That's what we call adding "The... sauce".When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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we know whos taht for ;)


hot work XD
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Weiss: Mother! We aren’t making flambé!
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I know what Willow's making, Rum Cake?

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XD i think we now know the Backstory to how Summer and Raven became Mothers, Willow Spiked the ENTIRE CAKE

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