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Summer doing some Yoga exercises

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I want to see Ruby doing this only for Wiess to walk in on her and get an eyeful of Ruby-booty! I’m sure Wiess will appreciate it.

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Apparently Summer isn't hot enough for Pikachu to spy on.

Pikachu has a type.

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Dude... come on now

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Neon: did someone order a big sausage pizza

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May I kindly ask when will you upload more art of Oscar & Salem together? I like that series of art :)

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Keeping in shape

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Summer: (stretches while cracking her joints a little) Ah~ Much better.

young Ruby: that sounded painfull

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Summer: (smiles) Not really.

Young Yang: (sits on Summer’s back)

Summer: *uff* that on the other hand

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Ruby: (hops onto Summer’s back while no one notices a portal opening up to reveal an older Yang and Ruby)

Older Ruby: Are you sure this is Haven?

Older Yang: No clue. Mom did say this semblance of hers can get a little....(sees her younger self and Summer) Oh no. Paradox!

Ruby: why? *sees her mother*.....maybe we should go back?

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Older Versions: (sees the portal closing shut as Summer tries to stay up) ....oh no.

older Ruby: darn, Raven has a bad Timing

Yang: yeah.....maybe the Younger Version can help us?


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